What Do Soldiers Carry in Their Backpacks?

Last Updated on November 4, 2020

military ruckingWhat do soldiers carry in their backpacks?

A question that is quite interesting to civilians because often the things you carry in your day to day life is not going to be the same inside a soldier’s backpack.

Typically, the backpack themselves are a lot heavier and durable than a civilian’s backpack and reasonably so.

Soldiers spend a lot of time outside in understandably unstable, harsh terrains. Which means they need to be prepared for emergencies all the time.

Moreover, priorities and standards are set a lot different when you are a soldier compared to a civilian.

So, soldiers often carry necessities such as meals, water, and first aid kits.

Here is a list of things that you would probably find in a soldier’s backpack.

  • Hydration Packs

One of the most essential and primary things in a soldier’s backpack is a hydration pack or pouch. All soldiers are ordered to carry this under every condition. The pack can contain up to two liters of water and can sometimes decontaminate non-drinkable water.

It’s an easily accessible water pack as there is an external tube attached to it that soldiers can quickly take out to drink from it. The military backpacks often are also designed with proper pouches and sections so that you can firmly store your pouch and can easily take it out enough time.

Typically soldiers are supposed to ensure there’s enough water before the start of each mission. Usually, one fill of the hydration pack can sustain a soldier for up to 72 hours.

  • Food or MREs

The next essential thing to survive is food, and that is why soldiers will always carry food, typically MREs or Meals, Ready to Eat, with them in every mission. Usually, active soldiers have no clue when they get their next meal in the field. Thus these MREs can be essential to their survival.

Usually, they are food prep kept in sustainable packages that can be easily heated up even with naked fire. Soldier’s backpacks are designed in such a way that these MREs are easy to carry and can be kept secure even with all the heavy activities.

Some backpacks even come installed with heating compartments that can heat up the food or keep it warm. Soldiers would even throw in a few protein bars, dry pound cakes, peanut butter, or energy drinks for extra sustenance.

  • Survival Essentials

After water and food, we are mainly looking for miscellaneous survival essentials that a soldier would definitely need in their backpacks. These often range from including compass, medications, extra bags and sets of clothes, fire starters, scissors, sleeping bags, flashlights, whistles, sunscreens, and even UV protected sunglasses.

The missions these soldiers go to are often very risky and can require overnight stays under no roof. No one should be unprepared and, least of all, any soldier. Survival outdoors is tough and especially being a soldier and having to survive in harsh conditions. These items would end up helping them survive.

Backpacks of soldiers are often equipped to carry such multiple items at once using multiple pouches and secure sectionings.

  • First Aid Kits

Even with the survival essentials, including medicines, soldiers often carry a military-grade first aid for their operations. That is because during any accidents, be it they’re falling in on themselves or their comrades, the first action to save lives comes from them.

That is why soldiers often go through extensive training to learn to perform life-saving medical actions such as CPR. Thus you would often find a military-grade first aid kit in the list of things soldiers carry in their backpack.

  • Weapons and Communication

Soldiers move in packs, and they require reliable communication devices as well as weapons for their missions, so naturally, you would find these items in their backpacks.

They usually carry communication gadgets such as GPS units, cellular phones, and satellite phones to help them out if they get stranded or even just to communicate with the base.

As far as weapons are concerned, each national military has its own standards, rules, and regulation that comes with these items, but generally, survival knives, bayonets, handguns and some level of grenades are carried with them.

  • Personal Items

Lastly, every soldier carries some personal items on their backpacks. Usually, they can either be identifiable such as a photograph or non-identifiable, such as a book in their backpacks. Each personal item varies from soldier to soldier, so there’s no definitive pattern in this category.

Final Words

These are all the belongings you would find in a soldier’s backpacks. Of course, this is a general list, and any soldier can have things out of this list in their backpack as well. We hope this provided an insight into the whole mystery of what do soldiers carry in their backpacks.

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