Range Bag Essentials: 8 Items You Must Carry In Your Range Bag

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

Self-defense becomes a growing demand among the several chaos for previous years. Who doesn’t know that learning self-defense will increase the safety? Even you’re in a never-ending battle of security if you aren’t saving yourself by own. Hence, carrying a range bag along with you included necessary tools will boost your inspiration.

Though you will get them almost all in the range, keeping your tools will save money and time when they’re in badly need.

Essential contents you must carry in your range bag

The following range tools can be great assistant while you’re shooting to be next Buffalo Bill or Annie Oakley.

Training Aid

The training aids you must have to carry in your range bags are following:


It begins with a feeling of safety if you have a firearm.  In fact, it’s the security as well as the safety weapon which will make you feel secure. You must have a firearm by which you’ll train yourself.

Also, you can get a gun or rifle from the range house by paying specific fees.  Typically, the shotgun or rifle is stored in an empty magazine into an empty chamber or holster. However, by following 4 safety gun rules, you can be completely safe in the gun range.


Choosing holster is another concern for the Rangers as lots of variations. But, I think you should select the suited one for carrying with no hassle.

Though thousands of designs are available, each of them has a different intention.

Moreover, you need much more practice to be sharp enough to take out the gun from the holster when it’s obvious.


And now for ammo…

You need reasonably priced and amount of ammo in practice to be experienced and expert. You never go with the insufficient amount of ammo with which you can practice more.

Also, the ammo for practice and self-defense are quite different in nature, price, and size. Here, I think you should go for a specific brand of ammo you like and comfortable for use.

Spotting Scope

When you choose a shooting range for practice, it’s better to evaluate the shooting scope of the field. To know better about the range, you can talk to the running rangers who are practicing there.

In many ranges, shooting scope is so inadequate which leads you to wait until someone finishes. So, try a shooting range where you can get chance whenever you wish.

Targets, Masking Tape, and Pen

Including the range fee, you have been provided complimentary targets. But it’s not sufficient for the long time shooters. In fact, you may need additional targets to practice more. So, you can buy from the range office or the outside shops. Before buying from the outside, first, be confirmed that those are allowed or not to get inside.

In addition to that, marking pen to take note will help to evaluate your performance. Moreover, you should track your records by putting them in the shooting journal.

And even better, a masking tape putting on the hole by creating after your fire will prolong the life of the targets. It’ll save your bucks by purchasing a new target for the practice.

First Aid Kit

Without taking proper protection, going to shooting range will not be harmful but also cause serious injuries. Specifically, ear protection and eye protection will help you to be secured from unexpected incidents.

Eye protection

Eyeglass is a convenient way to protect your eyes from oil, dirt or other projectiles during the shooting in the range. No way, your eye is one of the most sensitive organs of the body. So, keeping protect them from any harm is mandatory for you.

I know the feeling when you’ll have the experience of that unwanted moments. In fact, to avoid those incidents, most of the ranges won’t allow you to practice without glasses. Even you can rent glasses from them. But, won’t it be significant to experience and feelings to have in the own range bag?

I think, having an own glass will be fit, comfortable and maximum secured.

Ear Protection

Think about a moment when you can see but listen to nothing. Regular shooting practice can damage your hearing ability if you ignore ear protection.

Though several ear protections are available, you can choose among them by your preferences. But, professionals always suggest keeping a pair of foam earplugs in your range bag. Moreover, you can prefer ear muffs which are comfortable, adjustable and convenient to use.

But now, electronic hearing protection is getting popularity. The device will not only protect loud gunshots but also help to continue conversations through the electronic device.


Essential Range Tools (Additional)

Imagine what it’d be like if you fall in a minor mishap though you tried everything to avoid it. To minimize losses and wounds, you can keep following things in your shooting bag.

Cleaning kit: a small handy cleaning kit would be a great assistant to keep your firearm running. Also, it will help you to overcome minor malfunction in training range.

Adhesive bandage: Adhesive bandage is not only for covering minor cuts but also for padding thumb. However, the dressing can give you much time to take better time by providing an instant solution.

Gun Oil: no doubt it about to take gun oil in the shooting gun bag. Without taking gun oil, your preparation will never be complete. Moreover, using the same oil in the gun will give the gun durability.

Disposable Wipes: In shooting range, you are about to use lead or other massive metal particles. Here, you can use disposable wipes to remove junks from your hand and ranging tools.

What you may need to know about shooting range

Question:How much does it cost to shoot at a shooting range?

Answer: The range fees vary for different professionals. However, the two main differences are hourly and yearly.

If you want to get a membership for hourly practice, you’ll cost about $20-30 for the first time shooter. For the second time shooter, the fees can be in between $11 to $20.

On the other hand, for a yearly subscription, range fee will be $225 to $300. But the difference is, you will get unlimited opportunities in annual membership whereas you have to maintain time in the hourly subscription. However, for admitting a family member, you may get discount from several ranges.

Here, I can’t but say that, police, active duty military and fire personnel will get the exclusive discount either for yearly or for hourly.

Question: Do they do a background check when you go to a shooting range?

Answer: Though private-party sellers can’t perform background checks on buyers, shooting range can show the authority for checking backgrounds. In fact, it ensures the security of the field.

Moreover, several states have the law to check backgrounds of the buyers whereas most states still ignore the situation. But after killing and shooting her son and Marie Moore herself in Casselberry in 2009, checking background is a prime concern and demand from the conscious citizens.

Question: Do you need a license to go to a shooting range?

Answer: straightly, you needn’t a license to practice shooting in the range. Even, a firearm familiarization or range familiarization is beyond required to continue for an adult person.

The only requirement to practice in the shooting range is the mandatory age of the shooter. The shooter must be at the age of at least 18. However, you can go to the range with a guardian presented if you’re under specified age.

On the other hand, almost every state issue a concealed carry license which are allowed in the most ranges. Moreover, some states issue licenses to continue for running short course.

Question: Can you go to a shooting range without a FOID card?

Answer: FOID refers to the Firearm Owner Identification Card. It represents the owners of the firearm. It’s pretty apparent that you have to own a FOID to rent shotguns, long guns, pistols, rifle, and ammunition.

The part is natural if you’re at least 18 years old to rent long guns and 21 years old to rent shotguns. Though the age limit varies from the state to state, it’s not allowed to let below than 18 years.

And here is the turning point.

Legal guardian or a parent has to present in the range while a below 21 years old person is shooting via handguns or shotguns.

Along with the above rule, an under 18-years teen can’t possess a long gun without presenting the legal guardian or a parent.


Range tools won’t cost you a white elephant but save you in all sorts of life in the shooting. Even, slight assistance can make a significant difference when you’re in danger. The essentials tools above discussed will enhance your morale also.

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