3 Best Mountaintop Backpack Review

Last Updated on November 7, 2020

mountaintop backpack reviewCamping and hiking have gained quite the popularity in terms of outdoor activities in recent years.

With that being said, a lot of planning is required before executing a hiking plan.

The bag you decide to take will influence your outdoor trip greatly.

Having a good outdoor backpack would enable you to carry all your necessities without worrying about the harsh weather conditions you have to face.

Mountaintop backpacks have stirred quite the commotion in this department, giving some of the most rugged outdoor backpacks for any outdoor trip.

So, we bring you our top 3 best mountaintop backpack reviews to help you choose the right companion for your trip.

3 Best Mountaintop Backpack Review

Putting in strong efforts in research and analysis, we present to you our top picks for the finest Mountaintop backpacks.

1. MOUNTAINTOP 40L Hiking Backpack for Outdoor Camping

For any camping trip you go to, this 40-liter backpack from Mountaintop will accompany you throughout all the tough weather conditions.

First thing’s first, the manufacturers have brought about so many different colorways; you will be baffled. Giving you over 15 different color options, you will be confused whether you want one or all of them.

Upon pulling the zipper, you will notice the large hollow main compartment, which will accommodate almost all your essentials. Having a height of 20-inches, you’ll be able to fit your laptop and stack everything comfortably inside.

Moreover, this bag features a bladder compartment with a holding place for the mouth tube. This gives you easy access to water without having the need to pull out your water carrier every time.

In addition, the bag comes with a hip belt for added support while also reducing the stress on your back. What’s more, the hip belt is fully adjustable to fit anyone with a waist size from 25 to 55 inches.

Comfort has always been a major factor when manufacturing backpacks for outdoor activities. Carrying a bag full of camping equipment can be difficult, and so Mountaintop has done its best to make it as easy as possible for you.

They have integrated a breathable molded back panel stuffed with high-quality foam to cushion your back.

Furthermore, for better weight distribution, they have added S-shaped shoulder straps. These straps are Mountaintop’s take on minimizing the stress on your shoulders. Also, adjustable sternum straps further help you gain more mobility by keeping the bag firm against your back.


  • Large 20-inch main compartment to fit all your essentials
  • S-shaped shoulder straps to minimize stress on your shoulders
  • Adjustable hip belt and sternum straps to distribute weight across your body
  • Bladder compartment for easy access to water
  • Built with high-quality water-resistant material


  • Doesn’t have smaller organizers within the main compartment

2. MOUNTAINTOP 70L/75L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

This next bag will house almost anything you put inside it. With a carrying capacity of 80 liters, this bag can carry all the necessities you’ll need for 5 to 6 days. For those of you who love to stay organized, this bag is like a dream. Featuring all sorts of compartments, you will know exactly where you kept each item.

Also, whenever you need to access your main compartment, you can easily pull down the zip from the bottom. Featuring a sleeping bag compartment, this is just the perfect companion for your long hiking trips into the mountains. In addition, this bag comes with a full-fledged adjustable hip-belt.

So if your waist size is as small as 30-inches or as large as 57 inches, this bag will fit you just right. This enhances the overall weight distribution of the bag and takes away the stress from your shoulders and back. If you’re a frequent hiker, you know how troublesome it can get to carry around so much weight for long periods of time.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry so much about this bag being too big for you. Featuring an 8-stage height adjustment system, you can effortlessly adjust the bag’s height according to your comfort level.

Hiking for long hours can get pretty tiring without proper hydration. And so, the guys at Mountaintop took that into consideration and integrated a hydration compartment within the bag. This allows you to fit in a bladder of up to 3-liters, giving easy access to water whenever necessary.


  • Bottom zip to access the main compartment for better accessibility
  • Hydration compartment for your water bladders
  • 8-Stage Height Adjustment System
  • Adjustable Hip Belt for more stability


  • Hip belts are not comfortable
  • The width of the bag is less, and so most of your things need to be stacked

3. MOUNTAINTOP 55L/65L Internal Frame Backpack Hiking Backpack

If you’re a hiking enthusiast and you’re looking for the right backpack to survive all sorts of weather conditions, then this rugged 65 Liter backpack is the way to go.

Right out the packaging, the bag looks great, with its simple design. However, don’t misrepresent the backpack’s caliber just because of the way it looks. Packed within are some amazing features that you would not want to miss out on.

Firstly, the 65-liter bag features a torso adjustment system, which essentially lets you adjust the bag’s height with yours. What this does is, give you more stability and control when you’re going uphill with heavy equipment. In addition, being a bag from Mountaintop means it has certain standards in the eyes of the people.

Made of the highest quality water-resistant material, you won’t have to worry about water seeping into the main compartment. If you’re too worried about carrying a wet bag, then you can just pull out the rain cover that has been integrated within.

Moreover, Mountaintop has not compromised with the quality, fitting YKK branded zippers and buckles. These zippers give you a smooth closing and opening motion, so you don’t have to struggle when trying to access your essentials.


  • Integrated rain cover for protection
  • 8-Stage height adjustment system
  • High-quality zippers and buckles
  • Bladder compartment to store water
  • Trekking pole attachment system


  • Hip belt is too large for skinny people
  • Weight distribution is uneven and can be uncomfortable on your back


What to Look for before Buying

Without a doubt, all of the backpacks manufactured by Mountaintop will give you the best service. However, there are certain factors you need to look at in order to choose the right backpack for you.

  • Size

This is an important factor as it will determine how comfortable you are with carrying extra weight for long periods of time. Depending on your height, you need to choose a backpack that isn’t too small or too large.

Getting the wrong size would cause uneven distribution of weight and, in turn, make it difficult to carry over rough terrains. Also, you might be subject to back pain if the fitting of the bag doesn’t match your body length.

  • Carrying Capacity

If you’ve bought hiking bags before, then you’re no stranger to the measurement of a bag’s carrying capacity.

Measured in liters, the bag’s carrying capacity will give you an idea of the weight the bag can carry. Other than that, the duration of your trip will also determine the right capacity for you. If you’re traveling for over three to four days, then you should go for bags over 50 liters.mountaintop backpack

This is important as you will need more space for supplies as the length of your duration increases. For short trips, which last a day or two, you will do fine with a 20 or 30-liter bag.

  • Additional Features

Each backpack comes with some common features, along with some exceptional ones. These features specialize the backpacks for certain activities like camping or skiing. So depending on your planned activities, you should consider the features you will require.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best Mountaintop bags:

  1. Do all bags have a hydration system?

Yes. All bags feature a water bladder compartment with a place for the tube, making it easily accessible.

  1. How do I protect the bag’s contents when it rains?

All these Mountaintop bags are made from water-resistant materials, and also, they come with rain covers for extra protection.

  1. Can I fit my sleeping bag in an 80-liter bag?

Yes, you can. There is a zipper at the bottom, which will let you access your things from the base of the bag. And so, you don’t have to worry about taking out your sleeping bag every time you need something from the main compartment.

  1. Will my laptop fit in a 40-liter bag?

You can easily fit any laptop with a maximum measurement of 17-inches. The bags come with laptop compartments, so that will help keep things organized.

  1. Does the bag have a dedicated sleeping bag compartment?

Yes, they do.

Final Words

Choosing the right backpack depends heavily on the kind of outdoor activity you engage in and your preferences. So, make sure you take into account all the features you will actually need for the planned trip.

We hope this Mountaintop backpack review will help you pick the right one.




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