7 Most Durable Backpack That Will Actually Last

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

durable backpackFinding a good backpack is crucial for someone who has to carry around heavy textbooks and laptop for school or college, or need sturdy gear for traveling or outdoor adventures.

Most bags nowadays end up falling apart within just a couple of months of use. So, it has become increasingly important to find a good durable backpack.

Now, we have been trying to find out which is the best durable backpack available in the market. And we have limited it down to 7 products.

Whether you are looking for the most durable backpack for school, college, or for your outdoor adventures, we have got you covered as we have included options to cater to your different requirements. To know more, carry on reading.

Review of 7 Best Durable Backpack

To help you find the most durable backpack for school, we are going to review our recommendations below:

5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack

If you are a hunter or an outdoor enthusiastic person, then you will especially love this stunning product. Not only is it a good looking backpack, but it’s also likely to be one of the most durable backpacks you are going to come across.

To begin, we would like to talk about what makes this backpack so incredibly durable. So, to make the bag sturdy and long-lasting, they used a 1000-denier nylon that is abrasion-resistant along with high-quality YKK zippers to give that extra support.

The catchiest feature is that it will help you be packed and ready for three whole days of fun and adventure as the backpack has a capacity of 55 liters. Moreover, the backpack has tons of different compartments, all of which are remarkably very spacious. 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack, 55 Liter Large, Style 58602

One more thing to note is that it comes with a water reservoir pocket that has a volume of three liters.

Now, they used a single aluminum stay in the back panel to allow the bag to support you while you are carrying heavy loads. But, if you don’t want to carry the extra weight, you have the option of removing it!

Furthermore, this backpack includes broad and well-padded shoulder straps, along with a hip belt and sternum strap to give you the extra comfort and protection. But, more importantly, this backpack a lot more stylish compared to other military backpacks.


  • Extremely durable
  • Comes with a lot of handy compartments
  • Well-padded shoulder straps provide more comfort
  • Fairly stylish


  • The padding of the back panel could have been better

Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Backpack

Whether you want to go hiking through the mountains or carry your daily work/study essentials, this bag will be perfect for both. The Legacy Standard Work Backpack by Carhartt is a luxurious looking backpack with great features yet offered at a fairly reasonable price point.

It is carefully constructed with Rain Defender® water repellent technology along with Duravax™ abrasion-resistant base to create a heavy-duty and water-resistant backpack.

Thankfully, it comes with a large spacious main compartment along with many other smaller yet roomy compartments. Additionally, it includes zippered organizational compartments to provide you with extra storage room. This will enable you to compartmentalize the things you are carrying very neatly.

Amazingly, they have also thought of including a separate 15-inch laptop compartment along with a spot for your tablet if you own any. Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Backpack with Padded Laptop Sleeve and Tablet Storage, Carhartt Brown

What really stands out is the use of padded air-mesh back panel and contour fit shoulder straps. These features will help you to evenly distribute the weight you are carrying and provide you with ample support making it one of the most durable backpacks for school students.

The airy mesh back panel also works to offer you extra comfort, especially for the days you have a lot to carry, whether to school or for any outdoor adventure. What caught our eyes the most is definitely the look of the bag.

Moreover, it has a classic, timeless design and comes in the perfect shades. The texture from the material used is just the cherry on top!


  • Extremely well designed
  • Made with abrasion-resistant material
  • Created with Rain Defender® technology to make it water repellent
  • Super versatile and can be used in different situations


  • The shoulder straps could have been made to be more comfortable

Matein Laptop Backpack

Before starting with the review of the MLassic Laptop Backpack by Martein, we should tell you that we absolutely love it! It’s not only the appearance of the bag, which is just brilliant; but, it’s the features it comes with that makes it a great deal. More importantly, the fact that it has such a great price makes it all too treasurable.

This one comes with a lot of spacious compartments for you to be able to keep everything organized and separated. They included a padded laptop compartment for the benefits of the students as well as jobholders.

It comes with a luggage strap that will allow you to connect the bag with your suitcase to decrease the hassle of carrying multiple bags. Impressively, it features a hidden anti-theft pocket located at the back to protect your treasured items. Business Travel Backpack, Matein Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port for Men Womens Boys Girls, Anti Theft Water Resistant College School Bookbag Computer Backpack Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop Notebook

Now, it has a cozy airflow back design, which is padded and ventilated to give you ultra-comfort, and at the same time, it helps to reduce sweating as much as possible. And the shoulder straps have also been designed with ventilation to decrease trapped heat.

The highlight of this bag for us definitely has to be the built-in USB charger outside and the cable inside. This will significantly reduce the hassle of fumbling around your bag to look for the gadgets or having to walk around with your power bank in hand.

Created with water-resistant, durable polyester with metal zipper enables it to be long-lasting even with daily usage. The best part about this bag is, despite having so many features, it has a compact size and great durability, which makes it the most durable backpack for college students.


  • Has a built-in USD port design
  • Includes a luggage strap
  • Use of ventilated padding in the back and shoulder straps makes it very comfortable
  • Has a small, compact design
  • Comes with tons of pockets


  • Material is not abrasion resistant

Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

This bag is the definition of “function meets form”. The Titan was designed to be large enough to hold or carry everything you need, at the same time, comes with many different pockets and compartments to keep the things separated and organized.

And the Titan comes with many large compartments, at the same time, smart spaces, buckles, and straps to position everything in the most convenient manner.

What you must know about this incredible backpack is that the ergonomic design of the bag has included a 5-point stability strap system that will work on distributing the weight equally to reduce the strain on your muscles.

Astonishingly, their shoulder straps are just pillow-soft, and their back panels are made of mesh pads that allow deep airflow to aid maximum air circulation for total comfort.

Now, they have added several layers of padded protection and security strap to keep your devices and other belongings safe and in place. This feature is especially beneficial for school students as they have the most to carry.

I also like the fact that it comes with an accessories pouch to keep things like keys and mobile in one place.

But, more importantly, it has a built-in media player compartment at the shoulder level. Moreover, it was designed in a manner that will keep your cables at the perfect length!

Lastly, it has been made with durable material to outlast the daily usage; the zippers are made with heavy-duty metal with extra-large pulls, so it provides you with zippers that will actually last.

More importantly, it comes with a weather cover that is water-resistant to protect your backpack and the other belongings, making it one of the most durable backpacks for school students.


  • Comes with a water-resistant weather cover
  • Includes well organized and spacious compartments
  • Has a media player compartment along with a headphone outlet
  • Five-Point balance strap system provides more comfort


  • Prone to tearing with rough usage

Vaschy Casual Water-Resistant Backpack

Are you looking for the best water-resistant backpack? If so, you have found the right one. First of all, you will absolutely love their unique design, as it will set the bag apart from the most common bags.

This backpack by Vaschy features a slim, classic design that is created with high-quality lightweight polyester that is also water-resistant. Along with that, it includes a top-notch smooth SBS zipper.

The use of these materials helped to produce a heavy-duty and ultra-strong backpack that is suitable for any weather condition, which is great if you are into outdoor activities such as hiking.

You will definitely love the feel of wearing the backpack as it offers a fully padded back panel, along with adjustable dual padded shoulder straps. This will help to reduce the strain on the muscles. Backpack for men,Vaschy Casual Water-resistant College School Backpack Fits 15.6in Laptop

What we most love about this backpack apart from its design is that it is extremely easy to comfortably organize and compartmentalize your things with the help of the multiple storage spaces.

They have also added drawstrings closure as an added safety measure. Another safety measurement taken by them is adding an anti-theft compartment to keep your valuable items hidden and secure. Finally, you should know that they offer one year of hassle-free replacement or refund warranty.


  • Has a nice and different design
  • Suitable for all the different types of weather
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Made to be extremely comfortable with the use of padded back panel and shoulder straps


  • Does not offer a lot of features

Osprey ATMOS AG 65

As a hiker or outdoor activity enthusiast, you know the importance of a backpack with good ventilation. We have included this backpack on our list because it delivers great ventilation and more. The ATMOS AG 65 has been carefully constructed from the bottom up to keep your back ventilated and dry without sacrificing comfort.

To start off, we would like to talk about the highlight of the product, which is definitely the innovative AntiGravity suspension. This feature will not only make you feel comfortable and keep you ventilated but also will significantly reduce the feel of the weight that you are carrying.

It has an AntiGravity mesh back panel along with a hip belt that naturally inclines inward, which results in the feeling of the bag hugging you, and gives great stability plus control.

However, we did find the stiff hip belt to be a little uncomfortable during extensive use. This could have been avoided if the padding of the hip belt was better. But, that being said, it still does a pretty decent job. Osprey Packs Osprey Pack Atmos 65 Backpack, Abyss Grey, Medium

Another impressive feature is the floating top lid that can be removed with a FlapJacket that comes with a dual-zippered pocket to decrease the weight and protect your gear. Next, it comes with a trekking pole attached named stow-on-the-go that you can use when you are trekking in steep terrain.

Along with these features, they have also included tons of different and handy compartments, each divided for specific needs, including a water reservoir. It can definitely be stated that this is one of the most durable backpacks for outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Remarkably organized
  • Anti-Gravity suspension helps to provide more comfort and stability
  • Designed to cut down the feel of the total weight
  • Can easily take the load of a week-long trek


  • Slightly expensive

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

The final product we are going to be reviewing is the Professional Slim Laptop by eBags. This is a classic laptop bag which is best suited for professionals and students for their daily life. It has been constructed with strong twisted dobby 840-900 denier polyester and has a noticeably high-quality thick stitching to ensure durability.

We loved the neat design of the bag; it has slim and bulk-free size, yet, it comes with generous storage space. Other compartments such as pockets for your phone, cards, and passport are also included.

Another feature we found handy is the additional integrated AC-adaptor garage that is shatterproof. It is situated at the end of the bag to store bulky items. Impressively, you have the option to remove it to increase the area of the main central compartment. eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack for Travel, School & Business - Fits 17 Inch Laptop - Anti-Theft - (Sage Green)

eBags also included a built-in USB port to allow you to charge your devices when you are on the go. Other than that, the backpack has separate slots to keep your laptop along with your tablet. The bag comes with sturdy shoulder straps and a modifiable chest belt to provide you with comfort and give you better stability.

More importantly, the back panel of the bag is made with a breathable mesh material to stop you from sweating and allow air to pass by.

This backpack comes most handy for people with jobs that require a lot of travel for work or other purposes. The compact design provides excellent portability, and adding the extra strap to hook on the main suitcase makes it even better.


  • Carefully planned and thoughtful design
  • Made with durable material and stitches
  • Easy to carry


  • Not water resistant


What Makes a Backpack Durable?

Below we will discuss the factors that will help you find the most durable backpack for school.

  • Fabric

The chief ingredient for making a durable backpack is the material. Heavy-duty backpacks are often made out of ultra-strong nylon or polyester. Heavier fabrics such as cotton canvas are also used to create durable bags that will last you for years.

However, we will suggest opting for materials such as nylon or cotton canvas as it will give you the best protection against different weather. More importantly, it will give you the best protection against water. However, material such as Cordura provides more abrasion resistance and will result in a lighter backpack.

  • Zipper

Most backpacks usually fall apart due to faulty zippers or poor quality zippers. All bags are made using either a metal zipper, coil zipper, and plastic molded zipper.

Metal zippers are relatively sturdy, but they run the chances of rusting and corroding over time. These zippers are also prone to catching on clothes or your skin, making it easy to break apart.

Coil zippers are smooth, flexible, and waterproof. They are also less prone to catch on anything. But, they get dirty easily and needs regular cleaning. Plastic molder zippers, on the other hand, are tough, wear, and tear-resistant and do not catch dirt easily, hence making them perfect for long term use.

  • Denier

While the denier of the fabric may not be one of the first things you think about while thinking of buying a sturdy backpack, it does play a good role in determining the durability of a good backpack.

Look for backpacks that have used a material starting and above 450D nylon or 900D polyester, respectively. Keep in mind that the higher the denier is, the stronger the fabric will be, hence providing you with a sturdier bag.

For adventure seekers, we would recommend a backpack with a range of 450-600D nylon. For students and professionals, 450-500D should be good.

  • Stitching

The importance of stitching cannot be stressed enough. It won’t matter if you have the best material if the stitching is not up to the mark. If your backpack has fewer stitches than six, it will start to come apart after a few months.

We will recommend going for a backpack with six to ten stitches per inch, as this will give you the perfect strength without interrupting the structural integrity of the bag.

Pro tip from us will be looking out for the condition of the stitches around the strap to ensure that you are buying a good product.

most durable backpack

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the most durable backpacks:

  1. Should I opt for the pricier backpack when choosing the most durable backpack?

There are plenty of backpacks available in the market that will be very durable being offered at an affordable price point. However, the features, technology, and design that are offered by pricier bags are often much greater.

  1. Will the quality of the zipper affect the durability of the backpack if the stitching and material used are great?

While having a backpack with good material and stitching helps it to be a durable backpack, it won’t have a big impact on the zippers. The type and quality of the zipper will determine whether it will provide you with good service in the long run.

  1. How important is it to have a good ventilated back panel and shoulder straps?

Having a backpack with good ventilation will help to prevent your back from sweating. And having a mesh padded back panel and shoulder straps will even reduce the pressure of the weight you are carrying. Moreover, the padding will make you feel more comfortable carrying it around.

  1. How much weight should I give to the use of the fabric?

It is essential to get a backpack made with good fabric. A backpack with a good quality sturdy fabric will provide protection against abrasion, water, and the overall weather. This will ensure that you are getting a durable backpack that will last you a long time.

  1. Does water resistance really matter?

As your backpack is a storage for your personal belongings, having a water resistance bag will help you to keep them safe from any accidental splash. Moreover, for travel, it is essential to carry a water-resistant bag as the weather can be quite unpredictable.

Final Words

We hope we have provided you with ample information on the best durable backpacks available in the market for you to make a smart and informed purchase.

Our suggestion will be to choose a bag that comes with the features that you require and have been created using the best materials.

If you ask me, I would suggest that you consider buying the Titan by Everki if you are looking for the most durable backpack for school; ATMOS AG 65 for outdoor adventures, and MLassic by Martein for college, as these offer the best features and designs.


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