3 Best Mancro Backpack Review

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

man with backpackWith the increasingly busy lives of everyone in the 21st century, traveling with purses and briefcases has become much less preferable over time.

In fact, people are now inclining towards a much more convenient journey by carrying all their necessities in one place – a backpack!

Backpacks are known to have enough space for almost anything!

What’s best about them is how people of every age can use it for all sorts of purposes – be it for carrying their laptops, business travels, or even for storing their baby’s items.

To help you find the perfect one for your needs, we’re here with three models of Mancro backpack reviews.

So hop on and let us guide you through!

3 Best Mancro Backpack Reviews

Below we’re going to review our recommendations and tell you about their features. Let’s dive in.

1. Mancro Anti Theft Business Travel Laptop Backpack

This backpack by Mancro is popular for the stylish yet handy size, perfect for an everyday journey to and from the office. The well-structured backpack will allow you to carry all your files and laptop for a grab and go experience.

Quick Summary

  • Water-resistant polyester fabric
  • 3 compartments with additional pockets inside
  • Perfect for holding up to 17 inches laptops
  • Comes in a 10L capacity structure
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • Anti-theft combination lock

Why Is This a Top Pick?

  • Large Storage Space for Laptops

Having a holding capacity of up to 10L, this particular model by Mancro can hold almost any laptops sized up to 17 inches, which is very rare to find. This is honestly a big plus point for the office goers who need to carry their laptops everywhere.

Besides, this backpack being water-resistant will help your laptop stay protected from the harsh weather as well.

  • Built-in USB Charging Port

Office goers have to spend quite a long time outside of the home every day. This can be quite hard, given that current smartphones run out of battery due to its heavy usage. And let’s not mention how important phones are for our day to day lives, that too when having to work all day while being on the go.

In order to solve this problem, this Mancro backpack has been equipped with a built-in USB charging port that will allow you to charge your phone or other devices on the backpack without having to worry about carrying your charger everywhere.

  • Theft Proof Combination Lock

Another mentionable feature that this bag presents is the anti-theft lock system that ensures the safety of your official documents and files while traveling. You can now store in all your important files without being concerned about the files being stolen.


  • Slim design is perfect for office use
  • Theft proof lock ensures the safety of official documents
  • Water-resistant fabric will protect your laptop and papers from the rain
  • USB charging port for charging your devices on the go
  • Holds even the largest 17” laptops
  • Multiple compartments with inner slots


  • Not suitable for weekend travels since the size is a tad bit small

2. Mancro School College Travel Backpack

One more travel-worthy durable and lightweight backpack is this one, which is just the right thing for students. Carrying everyday books and copies along with their notebooks for class time has been made easier – all our thanks to Mancro!

Quick Summary

  • Thick yet soft multi-panel ventilated padding
  • Theft proof dual zippered compartments
  • USB charging port and headphone port
  • Organized several small pockets
  • Fits in laptops up to 15.6 inches

Why Is This a Top Pick?

  • Comfortable Structure for Every Day Usage

Mancro has made sure that this backpack is ideal for all students with its super comfortable thick padding on all sides. Besides, the further padded adjustable straps will put less pressure on your shoulders alongside preventing any back pain issues.

In addition, the laptop compartment has also been constructed with a well-padded construction so that your device stays in place without any signs of damage. Water-resistant fabric adds on to the protection of your belongings as well.

Foam padded top handle makes your travel easier to carry for a longer time.

  • Multiple Compartments to Store All Necessaries

Offered with two large zippered compartments with theft-proof lock, this bag also consists of a number of inner pockets. Now you can easily carry all your little things, starting from textbooks to umbrellas and water bottles- anything you find important to carry to classes.

  • USB Charging Port and Headphone Port

Students often find it quite difficult to charge their devices when leaving for classes for the whole day. Finding charging ports are even harder, especially when you have an ongoing class. To solve this unwanted problem, the backpack has been equipped with a USB charging port to save your phone from dying.

Furthermore, the headphone port will let you listen to music when walking or driving with your hands-free, that too, while charging your device for extra convenience!


  • Handy size with two large compartments for everyday classes
  • Well padded structure for comfort and minimizing shoulder and backpressure
  • Can fit in laptops of 15.6 inches
  • Water-resistant to withstand all kinds of weather
  • Added USB charging port and a headphone port for a trouble-free trip
  • Anti-theft zippers to ensure maximum security


  • Size can be a little small for students who have to carry around a lot of books

3. Mancro Diaper Bag Travel Backpack

Keeping the struggles of all parents in mind, Mancro has come up with a unisex designed backpack that can be used by both the parents to carry their child’s necessities.

Quick Summary

  • Large 21L capacity
  • Multiple pockets with heavy-duty dual metal zippers
  • Dedicated wipe pockets with 2 side insulated pockets
  • Contains a changing pad and 2 stroller straps
  • Anti-theft zipper on the main compartment
  • Tote top handle and thick padded shoulder straps

Why Is This a Top Pick?

  • Multi-Functional Roomy Pockets

The first and foremost requirement for a diaper backpack is to be spacious enough to carry anything and everything that might seem useful for the child when traveling. Having this in mind, Mancro made sure to provide the utmost space in this backpack.

Containing multiple zippered pockets, this special bag has a spacious diaper compartment as well as a side wipes pocket. Alongside this, it also offers two insulated pockets that can be used to store warm milk and water for the baby.

Moreover, there are a number of other meshed compartments to store in towels and snacks. The zippered front slots can be used by people to keep some of their belongings without the risk of losing them, thanks to the anti-theft zippers!

  • Versatile and Handsfree Travelling Ensured

Assembled with a changing pad for the baby, parents can now safely change the diapers of their babies with no further trouble of carrying a separate changing pad wherever they go.

Additionally, the dual stroller straps now permit the users to fix the bag to the stroller for added on-the-go experience without tiring your hands or back — say hello to a hands-free convenience!


  • Multiple anti-theft zippered compartments to safely store all things
  • Additional diaper changing pad for a hassle-free journey
  • Stroller straps to ensure an easy journey without added back or shoulder pain
  • Insulated pockets to keep the baby’s food warm for longer hours
  • Unisex designed backpack that can be carried by both fathers and mothers


  • No zippered flap which can be a drawback to some users


What Makes Mancro So Popular?

Although Mancro has already gained quite a lot of popularity by time, we felt the necessity to let you guys know why we deem this as a suitable brand for your travel purposes —

There’s a Backpack for Everyone!

Keeping the necessities of people of all walks, Mancro provides a backpack for everyone. With a unique and durable slim design for students and office goers, these backpacks are made to be incredible for carrying laptops and other papers or textbooks.

In addition, for parents on the go, they have a backpack specially made for the kid’s diapers with versatile features to keep the parents stress free.

Durability and Comfort

Ensuring top-notch durability and comfort to the users has been the motto of Mancro since the very beginning.

Constructing the backpacks with high-quality water-resistant polyester fabric has allowed them to endure all sorts of harsh weather, even heavy rain!

Likewise, the thick padded structure on the inside, as well as on the shoulder straps and the top handle has made traveling filled with utmost comfort.

Special Attributes by Mancro

Backpacks by Mancro are TSA approved and checkpoint-friendly, which means you are automatically deemed as a low-risk traveler! How amazing is that?

Similarly, the sleek and slim design offered in neutral colors is perfect for people of all genders.

Anti-theft zippered lock features guarantee a safe traveling for all with no additional worries of losing personal belongings.

Not to forget the specially made baby diaper bag that has multiple compartments with exceptional features such as insulated pockets and mesh pockets to hold in all the essentials. Added built-in changing pad and wipes holder makes this backpack stand out from the rest available in the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I charge my Mancro backpack?

An additional power bank or battery is required to be purchased. Then it can be fixed to the charging port to fulfill your charging requirements and charge on the go.

  1. Where is Mancro located?

The well-known brand Mancro is currently located in DonGuan Guang Dong, China.

  1. How do you use anti-theft bags?

Anti-theft bags are made to hide the zippers at the back well enough so that people cannot reach it in such a short time. The best way to use these backpacks is to zip up the compartments completely and carry it on your shoulders to avoid any such situations.

  1. How do you charge your phone in a backpack?

Just attach a power bank or battery to the USB port and connect your phone to the USB port with a cable — and you’re good to go!

  1. How do you wash a Mancro backpack?

In order to wash your dirty Mancro backpack, it is advised to wash them by hands and air dry them in a proper airy place. It’s best not to run them on a washing machine as they will cause more damage than good to the backpacks.

  1. Can you take this backpack + a carry on bag on airplanes?

Definitely yes! Mancro backpacks are TSA approved. Besides, these backpacks are small enough so you can even have another carry on bag with you as well. However, it’s best to contact the airline service before you travel just to be sure enough!

Final Words

Since we are now at the end of our discussion, we hope to have helped you out with all the details regarding the currently popular Mancro backpacks that are appropriate for people from all walks of life. Thanks to their amazing construction and variable features that have made them such a special brand to all.

Make sure to check them out and trust us; you won’t regret it. In case you do purchase one from their range, let us know your experiences with it as well!

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