What Are The Loops On My Backpack For?

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

backpackBackpacks are the most useful and necessary accessories in modern and everyday life.

Without backpacks, it is pretty much impossible to carry out anything essential in particular.

Starting from traveling or hiking and ending at regular everyday chores, backpacks are the most used item.

Moreover, backpacks come with various features, but most users fail to utilize them due to a lack of knowledge. Loops are such an essential part of backpacks that aids in multiple functions.

So, if the thought crosses your mind about what are the loops on my backpack for, you can easily find your answers here.

Types of Loops and their Use

Backpack loops come in different forms depending on the category of backpacks. It is essential to differentiate between the multiple types of loops to identify what requirement each one serves. Only when you know what each loop is and where it is placed you can obtain knowledge on their function.

  1. Small Loops at the Top

Starting from the apex of the backpacks, there are two or more small loops placed on one side or both sides.

These loops are handy for those who are trekkers and require trekking poles to carry with them. Those who go on treks need to keep their trekking poles safe and use them during walking.Small Loops at the Top

This is where the loops come handy. The trekking poles can be placed inside the loops and secured firmly along with the loops at the base of the backpacks.

  1. Shoulder Strap Loops

Most people are familiar with the loops on the shoulder straps. Shoulder Strap Loops

They are usually very useful in carrying additional gear on the backpacks.

You can see them attached next to the shoulder straps like a border of multiple small loops over the fabric.

Besides, large items can be hanged through these loops by attaching them with ropes and cords. You can easily carry big helmets and binoculars through these loops by fastening them securely.

In this way, you can get these shoulder strap loops to carry more equipment rather than storing them in the backpacks.

  1. Sternum straps

These straps are not typical in all kinds of backpacks, but if you find them in your ones, you can use them in many ways.

Sternum straps

Additionally, these are very essential to distribute the backpack weight from the shoulders so that you get minimum pressure over the shoulders. You can also move your arms properly without discomfort since these loops act as barriers against the shoulder straps. So, you can move comfortably.

  1. Side Compression Straps

You can find them on either side of the backpack, preferably at the middle portion. These are adjustable so you can fix their fitting by tightening or loosening them according to your convenience. They are also flat and thick so that you can use them without any difficulty.

Moreover, you can benefit from these loops by preventing back strain while traveling. This is because these straps pull the backpack near the back. So, the backpack does not hang loosely, and less weight is felt along the back.

Furthermore, you can carry it comfortably without causing your back a lot of pain.

  1. Bottom Straps and loops

Usually, there are two straps at the bottom of the backpack. They are known as rear loading straps of a backpack. You can use waterproof clothing or mats and other lightweight but large items to attach to these straps.

Dirty clothing can also be attached to these straps if you want to prevent the items in your backpack from getting soiled. In this way, you can carry extra gear without storing them inside the backpacks. You can tie these items to the straps using cords and secure them easily.Bottom Straps and loops

There is also a single small loop at the base of the backpack. You probably think it is for hanging the backpack to dry it after washing or for storage purposes. But it is also used for carrying gear with very long handles. You can tie them behind the backpacks with cords after sliding the handles through the bottom loop.

Besides, you can also carry trekking poles by sliding them through this bottom loop and then bring it upwards using the small loop at the top. Sharp instruments that can cause injury by placing along other loops like ice axes can also be tied to the back with a cord through this bottom loop. So, it is a very convenient loop to use.

Safety Tips for Using Loops

Loops are designed so that you can easily and comfortably store additional items in your backpack. But all loops cannot bear the same weight of gear. Also, it is crucial to understand how to firmly secure the things you want to attach through your loops. So, a few safety tips can help you use the lips securely.

  • For Heavy Items

When it comes to heavy items, carrying them directly close to the back can cause stiff shoulders and make you unable to march forward.

So, you should attach them in the center of the backpack by fastening them loosely rather than close to the back. You can also store them using the bottom straps and loops to attach them without giving pressure to the back.

  • For Hanging Items

Items hanging freely through the loops should not be so long that it irritates you or causes you to slip or fall while walking. If they are small enough to swing at the back, only then you can fasten them through the loops. Otherwise, you should avoid hanging long dangling items using the loops.


Bringing it to the end, it can be concluded that backpack loops are convenient and useful when it comes to preventing strains and carrying gear. Not many people are familiar with their uses; hence they fail to use them correctly.

So, if you’re thinking about ‘What are the loops on my backpack for?’, our analysis on loop uses will be helpful for you.

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