How to Spot a Fake Jansport Backpack?

Last Updated on June 11, 2021

jansport backpackJansport is a popular American Backpack brand that has earned well-known recognition over the years.

People pick these backpacks over other ones due to their durable build material and quality design.

But, as you know, the more a product becomes popular, the more copycats emerge to steal the business!

Since the market is flooded by pretty similar fake Jansport backpacks, most people fail to distinguish between the real and the fake ones!

So, there comes a question, ‘how to spot a fake Jansport backpack’?

Well, it’s not that difficult once you know some basic key features that none other than Jansport can provide you.

Why Jansport?

Jansport is a trusted brand when it comes to durable, stylish, uniquely designed backpacks. Since 1967, this American company is manufacturing backpacks and collegiate apparels for people of all ages, especially for students.

Not only their packs are extra reliable but also comfortable enough in case you have a concern regarding this.

When a brand provides a lifetime warranty, you can easily assume how durable the build quality is. Yes, Jansport backpacks come with lifetime warranty, so that you can rely on them without a second thought even though you are a heavy user.

Lifetime lasting durability, stylish look, and comfortable wear; these are the reasons why they dominate the market.

Spotting a Fake Jansport Backpack

In order to buy a real Jansport backpack, you need to know how to spot the fake ones first. Because you wouldn’t definitely like to see your valuable bucks are wasted on something that is fake and tears apart after a few days of usage.

In most cases, it’s not that easy to figure out the fake one, as the outlook build is quite similar to the real one.

Every reputed brand has its unique signs that no one can copy even if they try as hard as they can. Jansport also has some unique features; once you know them, you know how to separate the real and fake ones.

Check Front Logo and Build Material

First of all, a real Jansport pack will always have its official logo on the outside of the bag along with a product tag. Most of their backpacks are made of either pure leather or canvas. So, if the backpack you are going to buy doesn’t have the logo in the right place and it isn’t made of leather or canvas, then definitely it’s a fake one.


Jansport packs are basically made of ‘Cordura’ clothes, and this material is most widely used. Fake ones don’t really provide you with such durable build material.

Check Zippers and Strap Lock

Make sure you check the zippers and strap lock well. There will be YKK mark on zippers if it’s a real one. Fake ones won’t have YKK mark on them. The strap will also have a Jansport logo, which will be missing in a fake one.

Check the Number of Labels Inside

Real Jansport backpacks offer you 3 inner labels for your comfort to carry several essential needs. In fake ones, there can be more or less than 3 labels. Even if there 3 labels, don’t forget to check the other key factors to be sure enough.

Final Words

No one likes to own a fake product in exchange for a similar amount that a real one comes in. And, when it comes to backpacks, it’s not something that you barely use. Rather, backpacks are usually bought for regular heavy usage. That’s why knowing ‘how to spot a fake Jansport backpack’ is a must to get the best value out of your money.

Make sure you check out all the above-mentioned features clearly next time when you go for buying a real Jansport backpack.

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