3 Best Himawari Backpack Review for School, College, and Travel

Last Updated on February 22, 2021

Best Himawari BackpackEven though there are an overwhelming number of school or college backpacks that you can use for traveling, if you are a fashion-oriented person, you might not like the design of these backpacks.

For daily commuting and occasional traveling purposes, the best Himawari backpack can be a great alternative to those bags.

You will not run out of space for your study materials, accessories, gears, and supplies.

If you are okay with giving another brand a try without spending much, after using a Himawari bag, you will hardly want to switch to another brand.

This happened to a lot of customers, especially to girls and moms.

3 Himawari Backpack Review

These enlisted backpacks are well-spacious and fashionable at the same time. The quality accessories will also add great value to your investment.

Himawari Laptop School Backpack for Women and Men

For school backpacks, students prefer carrying a fashionable one that suits pretty much everywhere they go on the way to their school and while returning home. Keeping that in mind, Himawari made this beautiful looking backpack that offers enough space that you would need for everyday commuting and other needs.

Made of waterproof and durable canvas, the backpack maintains a soft yet classic and minimalist design that easily differentiates it from other backpacks. The material can easily withstand abuses and weather issues and provide you a non-stop service for years or even more than your expectation.

For your school and other needs, there are 6 separate pockets for accessories and supplies, as well as a large main compartment. The main compartment is large enough to even carry a 15 inches laptop along with an iPad/tablet, books, notepads, clothes, and other stuff that you need to carry the most.

To make sure the backpack doesn’t ruin its shape due to weight, the main compartment got a steel frame, and the edges are reinforced. This internal frame is durable enough for pretty much everything you throw at it.

For your comfort, Himawari used a padded back panel so that your back doesn’t feel uncomfortable while carrying it for hours. Also, there are adjustable shoulder straps that don’t make wearing the backpack painful and stressful on the shoulders. Regardless of your body size, you can use the straps to make adjustments.

Like most modern backpacks, this one also features USB charging that allows you to charge your devices through a detachable USB cable on the go. All you need is to carry a power bank in the compartment or a pocket and use the cable to connect devices. Your devices will not run out of juice before you return to your sweet home.

The backpack suits pretty much people of all ages. Although it’s designed for school going boys’ and girls’, it suits well for men and women too. If you are a parent, this can be a great nappy backpack as it comes with more pockets for carrying baby’s accessories along with a large space than you would need.


  • Made of waterproof durable material
  • Spacious Enough for school supplies and accessories
  • Holds a large size laptop easily
  • Quality accessories
  • Comfortable for back and shoulders
  • USB charging on the go
  • Multi-purpose backpack


  • Buckles have sharp edges
  • Have initial plastic odors
  • Some customers complain about the zippers

Himawari School Laptop Backpack for College

School or college backpacks come in a compact size. Only good quality backpacks offer enough space to accommodate pretty much all stuff for day to day needs. This one from Himawari is 16.5 liters one, yet it looks very compact. However, you don’t have to compromise with space once you get the pack.

The main compartment is large enough to accommodate even a 17 inches laptop. So, even if you own a gaming laptop, you are good to go with this one. In addition, you can also carry your iPad or tablet, notepads, files, and other stuff easily.

For convenience, there are 4 side pockets to keep smaller items such as a water bottle, umbrella, etc. Even if you need to carry quite a few clothes, there will not be much struggling regarding the storage.

Although the backpack is advertised as a school backpack, you can also take this for hiking and trekking. For traveling a short distance, you will have enough space to accommodate your stuff without any hassle.

As far as durability is concerned, the manufacturer used durable waterproof and scratch-resistant nylon fabric. However, the material doesn’t seem to hold well under heavy rainfall, but major or minor splash won’t be an issue for it.

The back panel of the pack is breathable; thus, you will not experience much sweat issues wearing it. There are padded shoulder straps that make sure your shoulders don’t hurt even when it’s fully packed. If you don’t feel like carrying it, you can hold it as a handbag; it got comfortable to hold a top handle for this purpose.

Like most backpacks these days, this one also offers all adjustable straps that are needed for a secure and comfortable fit.

No matter which color you pick, all backpacks are designed to keep fashionable individuals in mind. The color combination with front accent colored straps looks very appealing.


  • Durably made
  • Enough space for a large sized laptop
  • Multiple small pockets, huge main compartment
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to carry design
  • Adjustability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be also used as a travel backpack


  • Straps are hard
  • Accessories aren’t that durable

Himawari Travel Laptop Backpack for Men Women

The last one has got a minimalist design that suits both teenagers, men, and women for school and work purposes. Like the rest of the other models, it also got a compact and attractive design while offering great space for your belongings and stuff.

Whether you want a backpack for school, college, or other purposes, this one should suit well.

A backpack isn’t a backpack unless it comes with a dedicated space for holding a laptop. Thankfully, you will get one from it. This travel backpack has a dedicated laptop sleeve for holding a medium-sized laptop easily. Also, there is a pocket for an iPad or tablet for your convenience.

Inside it, you will get two pockets to accommodate your small gears and accessories such as power bank, wallet, passport, smartphone, etc. When you need to travel somewhere, you can easily carry clothes that you will need for the trip along with some other stuff. Parents can use it as a diaper bag as well.

For your comfort, the backpack features a padded and breathable back panel that will make sure you don’t sweat too much while carrying it. The straps are padded and adjustable, so you will get a secure fit while wearing it for a long time. Also, there will be not much stress on your shoulders, even if you fully pack it.

To ensure durability, the manufacturer used water-resistant nylon fabric, similar to the previously reviewed ones. So, here, you can rest assured about its durability. Light to medium abuses and impacts will not cause any damage to the fabric.

You can carry it like luggage holding its carrying straps. So, when you don’t feel like wearing the load on your shoulders and back, consider carrying it in hand for convenience.

The design also makes the backpack ideal for university students, adults, and people with other professions.


  • Compact yet enough spacious
  • Separate sleeves for a laptop and tablet
  • Multiple inner and outer pockets for small accessories and supplies
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Water-resistant, durable fabric
  • Can be used for various purposes


  • Not much bigger
  • Doesn’t fit a 15 inches laptop


What Are the Special Features of Himawari Backpack?

There are a number of well-reputed backpack brands, so what would make you buy one from Himawari, and why not anything else?

Himawari backpacks have some aspects that easily distinguish these from other backpacks. When you compare side by side, a Himawari backpack would convenience you in some factors that you will not find in other brands within a limited price range. I found these features that make them lead the race in most cases.

  • Design

You can easily distinguish a Himawari backpack from others in the crowd by the signature design. Unlike boring masculine backpacks, Himawari ones look different and appeal to the young generation.

These bags look cute yet perfect for adults of pretty much all ages; if you are an adult, you have multiple right color combinations to choose from. You can take the backpack literally everywhere, from school to hiking, from hospital to traveling, and whatnot.

The team that is behind designing and color combination stuff deserve a medal for their excellent work. If you see other brands, they come with pretty much the same old and boring color years after years. This is where Himawari backpacks shine. They have enough color options for your backpacking purpose, gender, and style.

Even if you are an adult, and prefer leaving a sign of elegance on all your gears, make sure you go with a darker one.

  • Ergonomic and Comfortable

Keeping the wearer’s comfort in mind, their backpacks are made ergonomically, so that the wearer doesn’t feel uncomfortable carrying the bag for a long time.

Featuring a breathable back panel, comfortable padded shoulder straps, and ergonomic carrying handle, these backpacks are designed to provide you comfort regardless of how you prefer to carry the loads.Himawari Backpack Review

One of the main targeted customers of this brand is particularly girls and women. To make sure their soft and sensitive skins don’t hurt while wearing the backpack for longer periods, Himawari ensures the best possible comfortability in their backpacks.

  • Water-Resistant Durable Fabric

Color combination isn’t the only thing that these bags are great for. The brand uses durable and water-resistant nylon fabric that allows you to go out even when the weather isn’t good. Unexpected rain-showers or snowstorms will not make your gears and accessories inside the bag wet whatsoever.

  • Value for Money

If you only consider the above characteristics of Himawari backpacks, it would make your investment worthwhile without a doubt. On top of that, some of their backpacks are well-spacious for a large-sized laptop and other most commonly used stuff.

Considering the price you need to pay, you will hardly find a good alternative within a budget. Thus, for getting value for money, these backpacks just out-perform the giants of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you wash a Himawari backpack?

Unfortunately, you cannot wash a Himawari backpack unless you want to ruin its water-resistant properties. The manufacturer highly discourages washing the bags in a machine as well as dry cleaning.

However, if you are to remove stains, consider soaking a white cloth with highly diluted mild detergent, and lightly wipe on the surface. Use a dry cloth when you need to clean the bag usually.

  1. Where are Himawari backpacks made?

Himawari is a Malaysia based backpack manufacturing company. Currently, they have extended their manufacturing and operations in Hong Kong as well. However, their bags pass international quality standards of both Europe and the USA market.

Their excellent design sense and great craftsmanship are making them popular day by day in other regions.

  1. Are Himawari backpacks good?

If you want a compact, smartly spacious, great design, and durable backpack, Himawari backpacks will not disappoint you.

Their bags feature a well-organized compartment system, comfortable padding, great water-resistant fabric, and beautiful design that give them an upper hand over the competitors within their product price range.

  1. Can I take a Himawari backpack for traveling?

If you are about to travel away from home for a couple of days, a Himawari bag will be more than enough to accommodate your belongings, including your laptop, iPad, other gears, accessories, clothes, and supplies. With its compact size, you will always find your space to store it in a tight space conveniently.

  1. Are Himawari backpacks good for boys?

Their backpacks are mostly designed for girls. However, you might find models with minimal design and black, navy blue, or brown colors combination with another accent color that suits high school and college-going boys well.

  1. Are Himawari bags good for taking to nursing college?

The amount of space that these backpacks offer will be sufficient for most nursing accessories, gears, and supplies. However, you cannot carry an overwhelming load in one of these bags.

Final Words

Hope that you finally got some convenient reasons why you should get the best Himawari backpack to carry stuff for school. Carry the load in the same backpack when you are to go away from home for a couple of days. Travel in style as you do when you are a local.

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