Herschel Retreat Vs Little America | Which Herschel Backpack Is Better?

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

Herschel Retreat Vs Little AmericaAs one of the most creative brands in the market, Herschel delivers unique backpacks that go a step further of what others are willing to with the whole purpose of moving every user.

Among the many backpacks they offer, two of them stand out for their looks and overall quality. The Retreat and Little America – two magnificent options you have to know more about.

To help you pick between the two, we’ve decided to make a comprehensive article to compare what each offers and how one may be better than the other.

So, are you interested in one of these backpacks? Want to know what they offer?

Read everything you need to learn about each in this article.


  Retreat Little America
Material Polyester/ Denim Heavyweight Cotton Canvas
Volume 19.5 L 25.5 L
Size (H x W x D) 17 x 12 x 6 inches 19.25 x 11.25 x 7 inches
Number of Compartments 4 4

Retreat vs Little America: Design

The first thing to know about each is that they’re relatively good-looking. But that’s not enough to give a definite idea, so keep reading.


The Retreat backpack boasts a mountaineering design that comes with leather straps all across the height of the product. Herschel Retreat Backpack-Navy

Its looks are outstandingly beautiful, coming with the leather strap that adds a traditional touch to the piece.

This pairs up really well with the 48 different color options and designs. Then you get 5 standard color options in 3D coloring and unique texture. And of course, you can pick between 3 additional designs for the Offset Collection.

Even in the simplest of designs, the Retreat manages to captivate at first sight. And with its more than 50 color options – any user will find it ideal depending on individual needs.

It is essential to know that some models may have a different material & color in the straps. This provides different looks accordingly.

Little America

Boasting the same mountaineering shape that many people love, the Little America is a ridiculously attractive option for people who love quality designs.

The looks combine both classical touches with a modern set of little details that stand out even among the highest-end options out there. Herschel Little America Mid-Volume Backpack, Black/Checkerboard, One Size

With this piece, you get 50 color options along with 6 AR and 3D with a unique texture and simple color palettes. Apart from that, you can pick between 2 high-end designs with the Hoffman Collection alternatives, as well as the traditional Offset Collection with 3 designs for extra options.

Let’s not forget the leather straps that pass across and the metallic buckles, adding a flawlessly impressive bit of functionality to the design. You may also find rubber and nylon straps depending on the design you pick.

Retreat vs Little America: Material

While most Herschel backpacks come with similar materials, some models may differ at least in a few places. Here we talk about how these two may vary:


From crosshatch to denim, and the patented cotton canvas from Herschel, this backpack delivers a wide array of materials that you can pick depending on what you prefer.

This will change both the overall looks as well as the durability of the backpack. But with the crosshatch made of polyester, you can also enjoy durability & beautiful designs.

You may also find alternatives with denim and the heavyweight cotton canvas that makes Herschel so unique.

Be sure to consider the difference in the straps that can go from simple brownish leather to colored rubber and even nylon.

herschel backpack

Little America

The patented material in a wide array of Herschel backpacks is called heavy cotton canvas.

It combines full-grain leather with antique brass hardware, delivering a unique set of colors and a perfect surface that’s both soft and uniquely reliable.

The polyester fabric is one of the most durable in the market and still manages to deliver a top-notch appearance that anyone will love at first sight.

You may also find the leather strap on its standard color designs. Some models may come with rubber or nylon straps that highlight the overall design of the product.

Retreat vs Little America: Capacity and Size

Learning more about each backpack’s overall capacity & size also helps when it comes to knowing which one is better for you.


The Retreat offers 19.5 liters of capacity, ideal for small baggage. This would make it a perfect option to bring to the school or college, fitting enough books and accessories inside for short trips as well.

With its 17 x 12 x 6 inches design – it manages to fit most applications too. You can even get a laptop inside; thanks to its broad and tall-enough measure.

It looks terrific on both boys and girls too, so anyone can boast one of these without hesitation.

Little America

The Little America is somewhat large of a backpack, with a 25 liters capacity that matches both traveling and commuting needs. From clothing to books, any type of accessory or a laptop itself – you can get anything inside this backpack without issues.

Its measurements are 19.25 x 11.25 x 7, making it one of the highest backpacks. Its large design may feel a little uncomfortable to bring around, especially with the 25-liter capacity. But it will still match any use. Both boys & girls can get a lot out of this bag.

Retreat vs Little America: Compartments

Knowing how handy each backpack is will also be useful to know. Here’s what you should learn about each;


The first thing you’ll find out at first sight is a front pocket that lets you transport anything for fast access. It is not a secured pocket, so it is better for small things like change or fast-access stuff. Herschel Retreat Mid-Volume Backpack, Apricot Brandy/Saddle Brown, One Size

Then you get a media port inside of the backpack, ideal for phone and other devices. This port even comes with a headphone port that lets you connect directly to the device and listen to music, podcasts, or anything on the go – while keeping the device secure inside.

And what stands out the most is the 15-inches laptop sleeve. This offers enough space for a large laptop. The big central sleeve for storing your books, accessories, valuables, or just anything also adds huge convenience when storing items.

Little America

What stands out the most about the Little America is the number of pockets you’ll get. The first one is the Key Clip – a front pocket with a hidden zipper that allows fast access and secure storing of any small item.

Internally, you’ll find the center sleeve for any of your largest valuables. And on the side, you’ll find the media port, where placing a smartphone or any other device makes it easy and safe to access. With the media port, you can connect some headphones and listen to audio playback hands-free and securely. Herschel Little America Backpack, Crosshatch/Medieval Blue, One Size

You’ll also get a 15-inches sleeve that adds more handiness to the piece for extra capacity. It just offers enough compartments for a hugely enjoyable storing experience.

Retreat vs Little America: Comfort & Safety

Lastly, let’s go over how comfortable and secure each backpack is. You’ll want to know this for sure – so take a look.


The magnetic closure on top allows extra safety when using this backpack. This is ideal for people who are always commuting and need a high level of security when walking around.

The strap’s metal pin clips help you close up the piece however you prefer. You decide how tight it feels according to your needs.

You’ll also find a draw-cord cinch to close the bag, making it straightforward to use.

The shoulder straps are totally padded and very soft with the same polyester material. This adds enormous comfort when using.

Little America

Magnetic closure on top never let anyone down. It is fast to access but also secure to bring around.

This happens – thanks to the double leather strap metal pins – keeping the backpack always close from the top to the front pocket.

The extra hidden zipper on the front sleeve adds an even thicker layer of protection for users to enjoy on both commuting and long trips. Any item you put on it will be safe with the double security system.

Apart from all that, the padded straps with a polyester fabric feel amazing. Anyone will enjoy using this backpack in its entirety.

Retreat vs Little America: Which One Is Better?

Overall, these two excellent products are as close as they can be – but they have some differences that put them apart in terms of use. You can get backpack similar to herschel but herschel backpack are more stylish and functional. These backpack has everything you need to travel light.

While the Retreat is a 19.5 liters backpack, it delivers decent functionality and safety measures. But its small design and lack of security features could mean it is ideal for commuting and less safety-demanding activities like traveling.

As for the Little America, you get a larger backpack that fits almost all kinds of safety measures, including hidden zips and double metal pins in the straps. Its large design makes it ideal for traveling, working along with an effective safety system. But for commuting, it may feel too large & sturdy.


So, if you’re an adventurer who’s always going on a trip – go for the Little America. It has astounding color options and unique designs that alongside its safety system and huge capacity will work as a gem for travelers.

As for those who want something more city-oriented, the Retreat works like a gem. Its compact build and decently spacious design add enough convenience for a little commuting experience every day.

So pick the one you prefer, the one that best matches your demands. Ultimately, you can use both for whatever you want – so you won’t really have much to consider after all.

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