Can I Bring a Backpack to Jury Duty

Last Updated on December 27, 2020

man with backpackIf you have received your jury duty summons for the first time, and you have no reason to show an excuse for not being able to present in the courtroom, you should prepare yourself for spending 6-8 hours there.

Most people find it boring to wait for too long in jury duty service and try to occupy themselves by reading, writing, and doing other stuff. Can I bring a backpack to jury duty? I’m dead sure that you are thinking about this if you have a plan to read books and magazines in the courtroom.

Bring a Backpack to Jury Duty

Whether you can enter into the courtroom with or without a backpack totally depends on the judge. Each judge controls the rules and regulations of his/her courtroom. So, if the judge doesn’t mind jurors to bring backpacks, you are good to go with one.

Be sure to visit your court’s website to find out what they allow and what they don’t allow to bring into the court.

In most cases, there is nothing wrong with taking a backpack with jurors. Because the court realizes that this is going to be a lengthy waiting session, and many courts even encourage bringing books, magazines, snacks, lunch boxes, etc., so that you don’t get too bored while waiting.

And this makes quite a sense that to be able to bring these items into the court, one has to carry a backpack, obviously. So, I hope that you will be fine with bringing your backpack.

If you carry a backpack inside the courtroom, the security might want to see what’s in the backpack. So, be prepared for facing such a situation, be advised that this is for security issues. Don’t take it otherwise.

However, don’t carry a larger backpack that you use outdoors, camping, traveling, etc. Take a compact and smaller sized backpack so that it doesn’t seem awkward to other people or the authority of the courtroom. You might want to check the lawyers backpack and see if you want one to accompany you in the courtroom.

Can You Bring a Laptop Inside the Backpack to Jury Duty?

Even though some courts allow books to take into the courtroom, they strictly prohibit electronic devices. Your phone should be silent, no matter what. The court doesn’t want anyone to take pictures, videos, and audio recordings regarding what happens inside the courtroom.jury backpack

As laptops have webcams on them, you are not allowed to bring such a device as well.

How to Prepare for Your Jury Duty?

Jury service will take your entire day. So, you better be prepared for such a wait-full day to make sure you get bored much less than other people.

  • Foods near the courthouse are expensive. Therefore, consider carrying a lunchbox with you. Have them when it’s the official lunch break.
  • You can read books, use headphones to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and watch videos. Don’t spend the entire time on books or listening. Switch between activities.
  • In some courts, you will hardly find ATMs. So, carry cash in your wallet.
  • Check the court’s website regarding how to dress properly, what to do, and what not to do in the courtroom.
  • As there will be AC turned on all the time, be sure to bring a light jacket just to make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable.
  • Parking in courthouses is either difficult or expensive. Prepare for the worse, or use public transportation to avoid hassles.
  • Bring a water bottle, notepad, pen, tissue, charger brick, and other necessary items with you inside the backpack.

Things That You Shouldn’t Do in the courtroom

  • Don’t talk on your phone in the waiting room.
  • Avoid using a cell phone and laptop in the courtroom if they don’t allow you to do so.
  • Don’t text, tweet, or post your case updates while in the courtroom.

Final Words

After your first day in the courthouse as being a jury, you will be asked by many, can I bring a backpack to an interview? Hopefully, now you will be able to answer them properly and tell them how to prepare for the day.

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