Bushcraft for Beginners: How to Get Start?

Last Updated on December 6, 2020

bushcraftThe world, as we see it today, has never been that easy and comfortable to live in.

Thanks to the technological progress and scientific advancement for making things easier.

But, it was not the case with our ancestors who had to struggle a lot in the wild just to survive, let alone the luxury of living.

We often get bored in this materialistic city life, and our inner DNA calls for some adventure out in the wild. To provide you with such an experience, we have come up with a brief comprehensive guide of bushcraft for beginners.

No matter how insecure you are in this case, our guide might help you to take the first step for bushcraft.

What Is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft basically means the art or the skill to thrive and survive out in the wild by using available natural resources. So in a nutshell, you can name it as learning ‘Man vs Wild’ skills. It’s a combination of some basic outdoor survival knowledge where you learn how to make the best use of your limited gears and tools for easier and efficient survival.

Benefits of Learning Bushcraft Skills

There are lots of key benefits once you learn bushcraft skills to survive out in the nature. We have found these reasons to be most beneficial –

  • Increases your capability to adapt new challenges
  • You will be able to get closer to nature in a way that you have never experienced before
  • Make you appreciate every little blessing in life
  • Grows enough confidence in you no matter how tough things are
  • You become less reliant on others and you learn how to be self-sufficient
  • Bushcraft also increases survival skills in danger
  • You become more prepared for any kind of unexpected sudden problem

Basic Bushcraft Gears

Before you go out to practice your bushcraft skills, make sure you are packed with the most important bushcraft camping tools.

Bushcraft Backpack

A lightweight backpack is what you mostly need to carry out all of your survival stuff. Having a personal pack is an excellent choice for campers, hunters, and hikers. It usually contains essentials that you need in case of an emergency so that you can at least head back to your camp for further treatment.

Pocket knives

In order to make you temporary shelter out in the wild, you must need knives that are used for cutting, sharpening, and shelling. Make sure you are equipped with durable, sharp pocket knives that can make your job much easier.


Where a knife fails to do the job, an ax will take responsibility. Not all the time it’s about cutting things with a knife, sometimes you might need to chop up some wood stuff or do a similar task.

An ax is an essential tool in this case. Make sure you buy a bushcraft backpack with ax holder because carrying a bear ax can be accidental and unsafe.

Water Filter

The very first thing you need time to time to survive is water. Make sure you carry a water filter that will keep you hydrated out in the wild.

General First Aid Kits

You never know what danger is waiting for you when you suddenly appear in the animal kingdom as a different species. So, you need to be equipped with a first aid kit box that must include gloves, eye protection, tourniquet, CPR respirator mask, sterilize gauze pads, roller gauze, medical tape, bandage, splints, and trauma shears.

Plastic Sheet

While making your tent ready, you need to cover the roof of it with a plastic sheet.


If you need to drink anything warm (hot water, tea, or coffee), then the kettle is there to help you out. Make sure you take one with you.

Fire Steel

You need to make a fire for cooking food, boiling water, and even for safety purposes during nights. So, don’t forget to carry fire steel that can help you with this.

Depending on your needs, you can also add few more gears such as — sleeping bag, mat, tarp, head torch, rucksack, billy can, water purifier, toilet kit, waterproof shell, spare clothes, warm layer, bandana, hat, folding saw, map, compass, binoculars, etc.

What Are the Basic Bushcrafting Skills?

Once you know what you need to pack before heading towards the adventure of bushcraft camping, then it’s all about knowing the primary skills.

Food Foraging

You need food to survive. But the jungle is not a place where your daily foods are easily available; you have to look for it. Food foraging means knowing and processing the potential foods around while avoiding the poisonous ones.

Water Production

You need to be hydrated from time to time, so you need drinkable pure water. So, you have to find out potential sources of water first and then boil it after collecting. If you don’t own a filter, then consider making one. Once the water is collected, purify it by using a water purifier.

Trapping and Hunting

If you are not vegetarian, you would definitely urge for meat. But, in the middle of the wild, it’s not that easy task to hunt an animal that you can eat. You have to learn the tracking and stalking technic, animal signs, making snares by using lures, tying knots, and making cordage before you can finally hunt one.bushcraft skill

If you are able to hunt an animal, then you also need to know the cleaning and cooking process to be able to feed your stomach some meats.

Shelter Building

To make a temporary, livable, and safe shelter, you need to learn a few basics. No matter what, you need a comfortable sleep at night. Shelter building includes the knowledge of collecting woods, timber, and necessary materials from trees and surrounding places, thatching grass or bark, tying knots and making cordage, etc.

If you are able to make your temporary home, make sure you also know how to make it naturally waterproof.

Bushcraft for Beginners

Fire Craft

This particular skill includes the knowledge of how to build fire for food processing, water purifying, and safety. You need to collect wood, tinder, make a bow drill, fire pit, and finally build a fire by using your fire steel or natural resources available.

Final Words

If you are an adventure enthusiast and you have never tried bushcraft camping before, then you must try it once. It’s challenging and rough, but it’s surely pure fun as it gives you an adrenaline rush!

Hopefully, this article gave you a comprehensive and basic guideline that you will need regarding bushcraft for beginners.

Hope it was helpful enough for you. Now, you can start to achieve your bushcraft camping skills somewhere near your place before you finally go for the real one!

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