Briefcase Vs BackPack: Which Is Best for Professionals

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

briefcase vs backpackBackpacks are the rising trends of the 21st century and are making briefcases go obsolete.

And, in this article, we shall be pinning briefcases against backpacks to show their perks.

You see, briefcases first appeared in the 1850s and had ruled the fashion industry for many decades.

However, after the appearance of backpacks in 1938, after a short time, these had become key rivals of the briefcases.

Nowadays, backpacks have reached such heights of fame that they are overthrowing the long reign that briefcases had. Therefore, if you are someone who is wondering which one to choose, we have laid down all the necessary details that should tell you which option is better for you.

Types of Backpacks and Briefcases

Before we start comparing the two to find out which is superior, we must know the kinds of backpacks and briefcases that are available in the market.

Different Kinds of Backpack

Here, we’ll introduce different types of backpacks.

  1. Day Packs

If you are looking for a daily use backpack, then these are a perfect choice. These backpacks tend to be smaller in size and is an ideal option for your day-to-day activity. You can use it for long hikes and these can also be a perfect companion in your educational journeys.

  1. Overnight Backpacks

Searching for a camping bag that will be your best friend for a long trip or camping? Then the overnight bags are what you are looking for. These types of backpacks are large enough to hold personal commodities as well as clothing for a night or two.

It might have the same structure as conventional backpacks, but it’s full of surprises.


man with backpack

  1. Trekking Backpacks

When you are going hiking, there are numerous things that you need to take along with yourself. That includes food, water, maps, equipment. Thus, the trekking backpack is your best option. It is highly spacious and can accommodate all the pieces of equipment you need for the trek.

  1. Work Backpacks/ Laptop Backpacks

Do you want a more formal type of backpack? The work backpack is ideal for you. It comes with plenty of compartments and, each of the compartments is exceptionally spacious. Also, you can store your laptop in these accessories.

Another name for work backpacks is laptop backpacks.

  1. Cycling/Climbing Backpack

Cycling or climbing is a fabulous workout, and to have a pleasant experience, you need to have all the gears and equipment for that. For cycling, you may need a couple of pads and a water bottle.

On the contrary, climbing is a much more strenuous task, and you would need a backpack to hold ropes, food, and much more. Hence, these backpacks are the perfect option.

Different Kinds of Briefcases

Let’s get to know different variations of briefcases.

  1. Portfolio

These are quite small in size and allows superb portability. It is similar to a padfolio type; however, it is slightly bigger and spacious. These are a remarkable option if you are looking for a briefcase to carry with you to your work.



man with briefcase

  1. Padfolio

Padfolio briefcases are the thinnest and most compact form of the briefcase in the market. They are less spacious but are considered as a symbol of class and professionalism by the world.

  1. Attachés

Probably the bulkiest and most spacious briefcases, these are some of the oldest forms.

Backpacks VS Briefcase

Now, let us pin these two accessories against each other and see which one of them is the victor.

  • Style

Briefcases were once considered as the pinnacle of style and class for a working man. And these amazing accessories were generally made from leather and similar material.

However, backpacks are more stylish than their predecessors. They can be fabricated from leather, nylon, and various other materials. Furthermore, designers of branded backpacks make the accessories in such a manner that it suits all kinds of dress codes.

So, if you think that a briefcase is a more suitable option for formal outfits, then think again. Backpacks come with a leather construction along with leather straps that make them look like a briefcase if you want.

Not only for formal dress-codes, but you can also use backpacks for casual wear, camping, and numerous other things.

  • Capacity

You see, briefcases have fewer compartments. Plus, each of the compartments has a much lesser space compared to a backpack. And backpacks are much more spacious compared to briefcases. Most backpacks are so spacious that you can accommodate multiple laptops in them.

By the way, you must also know that you will be able to carry files, and other pieces of equipment with ease. Here, check our list of 9 best rolling laptop briefcase.

  • Durability

Well, when it comes to durability, both briefcases and backpacks can be considered the same. If you purchase a top-notch bag or case, we assure you that you will be able to use them for a prolonged time. In addition to that, A-grade carrying accessories are impervious to rips, tears, water, etc.

Hence, it is a tie in this case.

  • Easy Carriage

Conventional briefcases generally have a single hand strap and a shoulder, which can make it a tad bit difficult to carry the accessory if you have back problems. Also, if the briefcase is heavy, wearing the shoulder straps might cause severe discomfort to one side of your shoulder, and constantly changing sides might be annoying.

However, with backpacks, such an issue never arises. You see, backpacks generally contain two straps, which evenly distributes the force on both of your shoulders. Thus, making the whole process way easier. Moreover, if you want to carry the bag with your hands, it comes with an option for that as well.

  • Prices

Now, in this department briefcases cannot take the win. These accessories are quite expensive. On the other hand, backpacks are a much more convenient option. They tend to be much less expensive and, all the perks that briefcases can provide, you get them all from a backpack at much more affordable pricing.

  • Maintaining A Professional Outlook

However, backpacks are relatively new in the business and are still gaining recognition. Hence, if you appear in an important meeting wearing a backpack, it could be the cause of a negative impact on your client.

The best solution for this is the briefcase. For centuries, working men have been using these accessories to carry their work material, and it has become a symbol of success in society. However, nowadays, backpacks come in a design that enables you to hold them like a briefcase, which makes them more acceptable.

  • Prone to Damage

The shoulder straps on a backpack have small metal frames inside them. Sometimes these frames pop out and could harm your bag. Also, pens or any sharp material might penetrate through the bags, which could harm your shirt or t-shirts.

However, such a disturbance is not plausible with briefcases because these accessories hang way below your chest. Plus, generally, people carry these bags in their hands. Hence, even if something is sticking out of them, you won’t have to worry about that.

  • Options

Well, with backpacks, you get a wide variety of options that you won’t find in briefcases.

Final Verdict

So, now you know why briefcases are exceptional, but backpacks have much more to offer. We have laid out the options in front of you. It is for you to decide which you find to be more suitable for you.

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