What’s The Difference Between A Bookbag And A Backpack?

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

Concealed Carry BackpackPeople cannot think about going on a trip without taking their backpacks.

You can keep all your belongings to a backpack even your laptops and gadgets.

But do you prefer taking a backpack when you go somewhere with the necessary books and school supplies?

As far as carrying only the books and basic study supplies and stuff are concerned, many people prefer taking a bookbag instead of carrying a backpack.

This is because a backpack weighs more than a bookbag due to the large space. When you don’t need many items on the go; why carry extra loads?

If you are confused between a bookbag and backpack and which one to go with, this article is going to clear the air along with some related queries.

What is a Book Bag?

The name itself is quite self-explanatory.

A bookbag refers to a bag used for carrying books. Some of these bags have a handle, and few have one or two straps. Most students use bookbag with straps. They hang the bag on their shoulders with one or two straps.

These bags have limited space. As bookbags are lightweight, it’s easy to carry, and even kindergartners can carry such bags on their tiny shoulders.

Difference Between Bookbag and Backpack

Although it seems they are the same, some characteristics make them different from one another. Once you know the differences, you can wisely decide which one to invest the money on.

  • Bookbag

Primarily, bookbags are used for carrying books, notes, school supplies, and stuff. You can either carry a bookbag holding the handle or wear it on your back with one or two straps. The materials used to make bookbags are not that sturdy compared to backpacks.

Bookbags usually don’t offer large space like backpacks. But they have enough space for carrying a few books with some supplies. A larger one can carry a laptop inside it. But they are not for carrying clothes, and you cannot take a bookbag with you on a trip. Simply because they are not made for carrying loads.

Such bags are ideal for going to classes, seminars, educational workshops, etc. where you are not taking too much stuff, and you don’t want to carry a heavy bag.

  • Backpack

It refers to the bag or pack that you wear on your back. There are 2 straps on the back to wear it comfortably. The straps are mostly made of shock-resistant fabric. Almost every mid-high end backpacks are waterproof and durable enough to last for years without any issue.Walk with Weighted Backpack

A backpack can smartly accommodate a lot of things including books, school supplies and stuff, gears, gadgets, laptops, clothes, and more. Almost every backpack has dedicated compartments for keeping specific commodities. You can also carry a concealed weapon in your backpack.

Due to the multiple compartments, these come huge in size. Even a medium size backpack is quite larger than a bookbag. That’s why these are usually heavier than bookbags.

Backpacks are ideal for carrying on trips, camping, hiking, and even picnics. But carrying a huge size backpack to classes would seem awkward. In that case, you can go with a smaller or medium size one.

Advantages of a Bookbag

There are lots of benefits of having a bookbag. Who knows, you might end up preferring a bookbag over a backpack after knowing them!

  • Simple Interior

Bookbags don’t have complicated interior compartments like backpacks. You don’t need to spend time searching for a tiny little thing if you keep it in a bookbag. It keeps organizing simple and allows you to find stuff a lot quicker.

  • Lightweight

Due to the limited space, they feel very light and comfortable to carry even for prolonged hours. Your shoulders will not get tired, and you no longer need to take this thing off from the shoulders to take some deep breath.

This is the most common reason why people prefer bookbags over backpack for carrying a few items.

  • Suits Your Style

Bookbags don’t look like some huge backpacks do. There will be no sweat in your shoulder areas. No matter what you wear, a bookbag will always go with the trend.

Advantage of Backpack

Now, let’s see what the benefits that you will get owning a backpack are.

  • Well Organized

Backpacks have multiple compartments inside of them to keep your things well-organized even if you take a lot of stuff inside. It will be more effortless to find things from those compartments.

  • Great Protection

When you travel with a backpack, it provides great protection against elements to your belongings. Waterproof backpacks keep your belongings dry no matter how hard it rains.

  • Easy to Move

Having a backpack will no longer require you to roll it like a suitcase and maneuver through crowdie areas. You can walk or run as usual without any obstacle.

Which One is Better?

Well, there is no straight forward answer to the question. I would say, it depends on the person and what he is up to. Both of them provides great advantages, and you can give preference over one another depending on the situation.

If you want a bag for carrying your books, school supplies, moneybag, purse, tablet, and smaller things; a bookbag will meet your requirement the best. There is no reason to carry a heavier bag on your back all day long.

For classes, seminars, lectures, and events that don’t need you to carry a lot of stuff, a bookbag is all you need.

On the other hand, if you are about to go for traveling, camping, hiking, or to a place or event that requires you to take a lot of things including your gears and gadgets, a backpack will fulfill your need perfectly.

Because bookbags offer limited space and they are not suitable for such situations.

Answering to Some Common Queries

  1. Is it called a bookbag or backpack?

Well, these are two different things with apparently the same name. A bookbag is used for carrying books and small stuff, while a backpack is a bag that carries a lot of things inside. Both of them have straps, and you can carry them on your back.

  1. Are backpacks bad for posture?

Backpacks do pose some serious health issues. Numbers of students along with travelers visit emergency rooms for getting treatment for injuries related to backpacks.

  1. What happens if your backpack is too heavy?

If a heavy backpack is carried for prolonged hours, it will increase the risk for bones and muscles. Health experts suggest students not to carry a backpack weighing more than 10-20% of a student’s weight.

  1. Should backpacks be allowed in schools?

Many deadly occurrences happened by school goers carrying gun in their backpacks. Therefore, using backpacks in schools should be restricted in states where anyone can own a gun.

If it’s not possible, then the school authority should ask their students to bring backpacks made of clear material for easy visual of the contents.


There is no apparent difference between a bookbag and a backpack in terms of how it’s been worn.

But when it comes to what it’s used for, these two are easily distinguishable based on the different characteristics that each one of them has.

When you have to pick one, wisely listen to your requirements and get the one that meets your need the most.

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