7 Best Range Bag & Backpack Review for Shooting Range 2019

best range bagDo you shoot ?

If you shoot, then you absolutely need a range bag or backpack.

Choosing the best range bag might be very confusing!!!

Since you have landed on this page, let’s assume that you are looking for a range bag and you have basic ideas about them.

A good range bag has to be sturdy and really tough. The bag will give protection to the firearms and ammunition that you carry, so the construction should be the biggest priority.

Keep  in mind….

A range bag should be big enough so that you have enough space to accommodate many items, including some medications and small gears. There should be different compartments of different sizes so that you can fit your stuff carefully.

So there are many important considerations that you should be careful about, before purchasing a range bag.

We have gone through an overwhelming number of range bags and then made a shortlist of best range backpack. We will be talking about them here in the next segment. Also, we will provide a buyer’s guide to the best range bag.

Quick comparison of 7 best range bag

Backpack Construction Editor's score Price
G.P.S. Tactical 1000 D Scotchgard
Explorer Tactical 600 D Polyester
Rangemaster Gear Bag 600 D Polyester
5.11 Tactical 600 D Polyester
G.P.S. Handgunner 1000 D
Osage River 600 D Nylon
Explorer Tactical 600 D Nylon

7 Best Gun Range Bag Review

The most common question will arise in your mind now that how we ended up with this shortlist of best tactical range bag. We have researched in this market for quite a long time.

We looked for what people expects from a range bag. How they use, how they handle those. Researching the customer’s feedback and the features provided by the manufacturer, we shortlisted them. And then with a deeper study, we came up with the list of 7 best handgun range bag review. Let’s have a look.

                 G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

GPS Tactical range backpack is a great backpack style range bag.

There are separate sacks for four handguns. The main compartment offers ample space for your ammunition and other gears. There are two entrance pockets to hold accessories like flashlight, pens, phones and so on.

To protect your gears, there is foam cradle. There are extra magazines pockets. The compartments, pockets, pouches are well designed for the ammunition and the items that you carry along. This is bigger than a regular size range bag and can carry almost everything that you need to carry to the range. And the compartments make sure that you put the right thing in the right place so that you can find them easily when you need.

The side straps are comfortable and strong. They are useful to keep the range bag stable. The sturdy nylon construction assures the durability and the longevity of this amazing range bag.

Normally when you have a big range bag, chances are there that you easily mess up with the things that you are carrying. As one of the best shooting range backpack, this GPS tactical range backpack has been designed to avoid this misery as much as possible. This effective, useful and simplistic range pack deserves its place to be one of the best gun range backpack, But there are still some parts they could be improved. If you carry a larger revolver, that might not fit properly.

The straps are poorly designed and could be of far better quality. The size of this range bag might seem like a trouble. Because the bigger the bag is, the more you will like to fill and the heavier it will be to carry. Those are few drawbacks, but not deal-breakers.

If you can overlook these small problems, you will find this range backpack a sharp, great looking and very effective range bag. This will be a really smart purchase. You can also read our details review.


  • Triple stitched MOLLE webbing system
  • Internal honey comb frame for rigidity of the pack
  • Padded weight straps for enhanced stability
  • Made with high denier nylon
  • Separate Compartments for ears, eye and cleaning equipment


  • A bit bulky in terms of look for some people
  • Shoulder strap is small for this heavy range bag which may not be comfortable.

          Explorer Tactical Range Bag 18-Inch

Explorer has been a big name in the industry with a great line of quality storage solution for firearms. This tactical range ready bag is one of the best gun range bag in the market, known for its amazing functionality. It can handle a lot of weight and the durability is impressive.

The shoulder straps and the carry hands are padded for comfort. Every compartment is lockable for the safety of your items. It can handle a lot of weight and the durability is impressive.

The bag is equipped with total 11 different magazine pouches. The rear compartment has four magazine pouches and the front compartment has seven of them. Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch ACU Gun for Handguns Pistol Tactical Gear Shooting Accessories Wheel Large 1200 D Waterproof AR15 Glock Magazine Holders Padded Cases Amm

The functionality and the solid performance have made this range bag one of the best pistol range bag you can buy. The construction of the bag is very strong with the 600-denier nylon. It can serve you for pretty long time without giving any trouble. The overall padding and the additional plastic at the bottom ensure the versatility of the range bag.

The overall customer feedback is positive. There we found few negative feedback. But those were mainly about that specific unit of the product. If you are looking for a strong and functional range bag, this one will be an ideal choice for you. With the most impressive features of its kind, Explorer tactical range ready bag is one of the best range bag in the market.


  • Strong 600-denier polyester construction for durability
  • Features seven magazine pouches in front compartments and four pouches in the rear
  • Customizable main compartment with removable and adjustable inner partition
  • Comes with 2 zipper handgun pouches


  • Zipper is not strong enough

                Rangemaster Gear Bag Explorer

If you are looking for a balanced combination of space and functionality, this Roadmaster gear bag explorer is one of the best gun range bag in the market.

This is an upgraded version of this line of products, with new features. The construction is of 100% polyester. The range bag is designed for durability.

For carrying stability and comfort, it features padded straps. The straps are wider than regular designs. It has 8 adjustable and removable compartments.

The main compartment is big enough to accommodate almost everything that you need to carry to a range. But that will never give you a feeling like the bag is too big. That is why its’ easy to carry. EXPLORER Backpack + Range Bag with Large Padded Deluxe Tactical Divider and 9 Clip Mag Holder - Rangemaster Gear Bag (black),20" x 12.5" x 10"

The padded pockets provide enhanced safety to the items and ammunition you are carrying with you. You can accommodate and organize all of you gears in different compartments. The shoulder straps are there to distribute the weight evenly on your body. They are padded for comfort and can be hidden inside the cover if you don’t need it.

The modular design is very popular among the user. There is a small piece of wood at the bottom for added protection to the gears. The overall customer impression is very good. But we found few of them complaining about the straps. The straps could be stronger.

When the bag is full, that gets a little bit heavy. To carry that weight, the straps must be strong. Otherwise, this is a smart purchase and this deserves it’s place on the list of best tactical range bag in the market.


  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Includes 8 different adjustable and removable compartment divider with Velcro opening at both ends
  • Features 9 pockets at both side with 6 clip holder
  • Equipped with a 3 liter water bladder compartment
  • Rubber support at the bottom
  • Weight distribution strap at the top


  • Small shoulder straps

                     5.11 Tactical Range Bag

5.11 Tactical Range Bag is another great range bag well-known for its functionality. With great product lines 5.11 has been serving its clients for years.

The construction is very strong and durable. It uses 600D polyester for all-weather protection. This is well designed and very well-made.

The main compartment is accessed through a dual-zipper top flap that reveals open space with two vertical storage spaces. You will find enough space to keep your handguns there in the compartment. There you will find 8 magazine pockets.

The bag will serve you even in the roughest environment for years without any trouble. For your accessories, optics and other items there are side pockets with ample spaces. The padded shoulder straps are there for carrying the range bag easily. You can remove that as well if you don’t need the straps. 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag

What you can expect from a range bag, you will get everything in 5.11 tactical range bag. And this has made 5.11 tactical range bag one of our favorite range bag in the market.

If you ask for the customer review, this is impressive, really impressive. More than 98% customers are totally happy with the performance of this range bag. If you are looking for a range bag within a smart budget and want to get one of the best gun range bag for you, this one will be ideal for you.


  • Strong all-weather 600D polyester construction for durability
  • Segregated and padded storage for multiple pistols
  • 8 magazine stores on the drop-down front flap
  • Features integrated hydration storage for fresh and focused journey
  • Reinforced grab-and-go handles
  • Removable padded shoulder straps
  • Removable ammo and brass totes for easy clean up


  • Not the best quality zipper


                 G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

Choosing the range bag is really difficult. There are so many things to carry, it’s challenging to accommodate them properly in the range bag and then get easy access to them when needed. The overall construction of this bag is pretty impressive and very strong.

This is not completely waterproof, and to get over the problem of the climate, the bag comes with a waterproof raincoat. This can be pulled out to protect your gears from being wet. You will have a feeling of confident while carrying the bag.

A common issue for almost all the range bags is the zipper; they are pretty weak in most of the model. But everything in GPS backpack feels very strong. backpack feels very strong.

The foam cradle that holds the four handguns is one of the most impressive features. You can unzip the lower front compartment and then slide the cradle out for easy access to the arms. Each pocket is labeled appropriately.

There you will get pockets for earplugs, pockets for shooting glasses etc. The manufacturers highlighted this as the “Visual ID system” what they did is they put a little symbol on the flat. That tells you what should be in that pocket. This feature is pretty handy. There is no insert for the small items.

The straps are good, but could be stronger. If you want to carry a larger revolver, the backpack will not fit it.  These are the minor issues with this range bag. Overall this is a great value for the price. Being one of the best gun range backpack in the market, GPS handgunner backpack is really a great purchase if you are looking for something of its kind.


  • Stiff, sturdy and thick construction with rubbery waterproof inside coating
  • Can accommodate 4 handguns in a vertical position
  • Features 12 extra magazine spot
  • Equipped with foam cradle to protect the gears
  • Side straps are comfortable and for better stability


  • Large revolver will not fit
  • Straps are not stronger

  Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

This is a very lightweight range bag. Before diving into further discussion, this range bag offers you a lifetime warranty. Regardless why you don’t like the range bag, you can return it if you don’t love it. This is what the manufacturer said. This is pretty important as we will discuss later, if the manufacturer stand for products’ quality, he will offer longer warranty.

The construction of the bag is for longevity and durability. They used 600D ballistic nylon. This range bag is strong, yet light. For enhanced strength, it has large and heavy-duty zippers.

There are spacious rooms for you so that you can accommodate any of your gears in it. There you find padded pistol pouches, for added protection to your gear. Including the pouches, there you will have nine storage compartments. The vertical dividers are adjustable so that you can rearrange the space according to your need.

There is shoulder straps and carry handle. What customers have to say is very important here to consider. More than 97% of customer feedback we found were extremely positive. The overall design and the features have made it one of the best tactical range bag in the market.


  • Very high quality 600D ballistic nylon construction
  • Heavy duty zippers and pulls for more strength
  • Multiple compartments for enough space to accommodate the gears and items
  • Durable yet very lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty makes sure that the construction and the design is worth spending money


  • Zipper at top closure need to be bigger

        Explorer Tactical Range Backpack

This is a versatile range bag and offers you will ample space to accommodate your items safely.

Space is designed very well to organize the stuff properly. The 600D nylon construction has made this range bag really tough. There if you open the side flat, you will find internal storage for your handguns and magazines. They get added protection there in those compartments. There is water bladder available if you want to use.

The exterior pockets are zip-lockable and you can keep your extra gears and accessories there. To protect your items from sudden downpours, the bag has a pull-out rain cover. The overall impression is good. This is one of the best gun backpack in the market, if not the best. Explorer Tactical Heavy Duty Range Backpack with Adjustable Compartments R4 Coyote Tan

There are few drawbacks like the poor zippers. But they are not the deal-breakers if you are looking for something in a budget. This is a great value for the money you are spending.


  • Strong 600D nylon construction for durability
  • Zippered exterior pockets for additional gears
  • 3 liter water bladder compartment at the back
  • Internal handgun and magazine storage, housed in won rigid and lockable compartment


  • Upper side pocket is too small
  • Velcro placement makes it difficult to use


How to choose the best gun range bag

best range bag Before making final purchasing decision, make sure that the following issues have been taken care of.

Sometimes there you will see some trade-off.

The best example for that is budget vs. quality.

If you spend less money, you may have to compromise the quality. If you want the premium quality, you have to spend more money.

Like this, there might be other trade-offs. Always be wise making decisions during that time.

  • Features

Look for the features that you are getting for the money you are spending. This is really a critical issue. The best range bag must have all the features that will meet your shooting needs. What is the zipper mechanism? Does it come with compartments? Do the compartments have zippers? The zipper must be durable. Many of the range bags are made of weak zippers. Once they get damaged, it is really troublesome to repair them. A bag full of different compartments will allow you to organize and carry different items.

  • Design

How is the range bag designed? Is it a regular everyday rucksack design? Or it’s specially designed to carry your shooting stuff? Does it have padded pockets? How is the compartment designed? A padded pocket will give protection to your arms even if it falls on the ground. Having padded compartment is also very important.

  • Size

Size matters. You will put a lot of stuff in the range bag. You want a lot of space, but the bigger the bag is, the heavier to carry. So it is critical to make wise decision about the size. A single large compartment will be trouble. There should be different compartments for different items to make sure that they are properly organized. The overall size will depend on the type of guns you are carrying. This idea is pretty straight forward, if you are carrying a pistol and if Kevin is carrying two rifles and a pistol, both range bags should not be the same size.

  • Durability

the range bags are supposed to be used pretty often in rough areas, thrown away and dragged from one range to another. This is why they must be very tough constructed. This is important to check the materials before you purchase. Usually, range bags are made of nylon, polyester, canvas for durable construction. The stitches should be very strong. Some part of the bags tends to get more stress. Those areas should have reinforced stitching. We suggest our visitor purchase from the famous manufacturers. Because the brand products are made really tough and rugged. The brand products tend to be a bit expensive, but they offer you strong and sturdy construction.

  • Price

Budget is important here to purchase the best range backpack. Make sure that you are getting the best value for the price you are paying. Sometimes when you have strict budget, then look for the range bags within that budget first. After that, consider the pros and cons of that bag and then decide about your purchase. If you are flexible with the budget, you should not compromise the quality.

Final Word:

At the end of the day, this is a matter of your personal choice. Look is something you cannot ignore. Look has a very important role to play. But be sure that you are happy with the other features that we discussed above. You can also check for the tactical backpack or packing accessories. There is no alternative to research. It is time-consuming, but this is crucial. If you end up getting something not right for you, will make you suffer in a long run.

A gun range bag is not something that you will change or replace soon after purchasing. So you have to take right decision to choose the best range bag. We suggest our visitors to start from the ending. Ask yourself what you are going to do finally with the range bag. You are going to take that with you at the shooting range. That has to deal with some rough environment frequently. Are you going to use that occasionally? Are you a regular shooter? Or are you an intense shooter? All the answers will help you to take a decision about purchasing the best range backpack for you.

Happy shopping!

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