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Last Updated on May 20, 2021

Best Packing Cubes It is really critical for the first time buyers to purchase an amazing packing cube.

The market is too big and that will make you confused choosing one of the best packing cubes.

It’s not everyone’s favorite job to pack a bag before going out. It’s really time-consuming and stressful.  There are chances that you may easily forget something important. Once you reach the destination, open the packing and find that you have forgotten something that you need now, this is really frustrating.

So packing has been a challenging job for long. To make this job easier, the manufacturers has been researching and inventing new products. Packing cube is one of the smartest packing solutions. But unfortunately, not all of them are very smart.  You have to choose the right ones for you. Otherwise, if you end up choosing a wrong product, the frustration will not end.

Why packing cubes?

Packing cubes are smart and lightweight bags of different sizes. If you carry your stuff in a luggage not organizing them properly, there will be a waste of space. The packing cubes are used to stuff your travel items into organized and dedicated sections of your rolling bag While you are on a professional trip or casual gateway.  This assures the best use of the space in your luggage. Some organized people started using different packs for more efficiency; the manufacturer used this idea to bring up the packing cubes. Then they started to become popular and now this is a very common practice using packing cubes.

Quick comparison of 7 best packing cubes

Packing Cube Dimension Editor's score Price
eBags Large 17.5"x12.75"x3.25"
Eagle Creek Pack 14"x10"x3"
eBags Medium 13.75"x9.75"x3"
Eagle Creek 14"x10"x4"
Shacke Pak - 4 Set 17.5"x12.75"x4"
bago Packing Cubes 15"x11.5"x4"
TravelWise Packing Cube 14.7"x9.7"x2.7"
PRO Packing Cubes 17.5"x12.75"x3.25"
Dot&Dot Small 11"x6.75"x3"
HiDay 7 Set 15.7''x11.8''x4.7''

How to choose the best packing cubes?

Before you dive into trying to find the best packing cubes for your family, we recommend you to know them very well. You have to find which ones are the right ones for you and your family. Here we will be discussing some important considerations that will help you to do your own research choosing the best packing cubes.

  • Size: you have to consider the size of packing cube according to your luggage size. If you are carrying a large luggage, then you should choose a double packing cube instead of single one. If you are traveling with a small case, then a single travel cube will work best to organize your belongings. Some models might not fit properly into your luggage that may result in wastage of space. So before purchasing a packing cube take the height and width measurement of your luggage and then look for your packing cubes accordingly. Normally there are different numbers of packing cubes in a packing set. The sets contain a combination of different sizes. Some might have three large packing cubes; some might have large 2 small packing cubes. Generally, a large packing cube is good for packing clothes and the smaller one is best for packing underwear, socks, toiletries etc.
  • Family needs: This is a very important factor you have to consider if you are traveling with your family. If you have kids than you might be sharing luggage. So according to the need of the family you have to choose the packing cubes. Like if four persons are traveling with two  luggages, instead of one each, and then you may think of packing different items in different cubes. This is much of personal preference.
  • Materials: This is very important to make sure that the packing cube is durable and will serve you for long without any trouble. They come in different fabrics. You will decide which one will be your right packing cubes depending on the usage. What you are going to carry and which one will be the best for that? For example, if you are carrying toiletries, then the packing cube should be waterproof. That will help prevent spillages. Sometime see-through materials work best if you want to find the stuff easily. On the contrary, if you are carrying some privet things like underwear, then you should choose something that is not see-through. Generally, all of the  materials those are used for packing cubes are very much lightweight. For packing regular clothing items, you can choose the breathable fabric.  The sides of a packing cube are either made of mesh or a solid fabric similar to the parachute.  The second one will last long and they cost higher.  It all depends on you, so choose carefully.
  • Price: The last but not the least, the price is vital. If you have a strict budget, then you should make a list of the items within the budget. After that considering other factors, choose the best range bags for you. Make sure that you are getting the best value for the price. There is no single parameter to choose if you are getting the right value. The more you will research, the better you   will understand. There are some excellent quality packing cubes at affordable prices. You just have to find them out.

Best packing cubes review

We provided a guideline above to research of your own to find the best packing cubes for you and your family. If you don’t have that much time to spend of researching, this is our lift of product. We have gone through many packing cubes. We considered the features like price, construction, materials, sizes as we described above. We also considered the direct feedbacks from the customers. Considering all these we have made a shortlist of 10 best packing cubes for backpack and luggage that you can buy. Let’s have a look on them.

            eBags Large Packing Cubes – 3pc Set

This is from the most popular brand of the packing cubes. This 3 piece set is available in different colors. The interior of the packing cube is fully finished. That makes the overall construction durable. At the same time, they don’t damage delicate fabrics. The premium YKK corded double zipper pulls are for easy access to your item. Also, the combination of fabrics and mesh top panels makes it easy to see what is inside.  The look is cool. You can even through them in the washing machine to clean. The packing cubes come with a lifetime warranty. This is extremely popular and probably the best packing cubes in the market. But you have to consider the size. These are large packing cubes; if you need some smaller ones, go for the smaller sizes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Techlite Diamond Nylon construction
  • Great for packing bulkier items
  • Guaranteed with lifetime warranty
  • Features premium YKK zippers with corded pulls for strength
  • Fully finishes interior, soft mesh tops for giving enhanced safety to your items

            Eagle Creek Pack-It Starter Set – 3pc Set

This is one of the best packing cubes that you will get with a lifetime warranty. This is very popular among the travelers. 300D poly microwave construction of this packing cube has made it really strong. This is aesthetically sound and the overall construction and the functionality have made it one of the best packing cubes. This is a three piece set. The three packing folders are of three different sizes. This allows perfect organization of the items you carry. The packing folder features quick grab handles. The mesh top panel makes it easier to see-through. If you ask if there is any point to improve, we must say, not many. For some clients, this is a bit heavier than the other models of the same category. Other than this, the packing cube is amazing and undoubtedly one of the best packing cubes you can buy.

Highlighted Features:

  • 300D poly microwave construction
  • 3 different sizes packing folders
  • Quick grab-and-go handle
  • Two-way zippered opening for maximum compression
  • Mesh top panel for easier visibility and breathability
  • Covered by lifetime warranty

          eBags Medium Packing Cubes – 3pc Set

This is the medium version of eBags packing cube. We just discussed the large size of this great product line by eBags above. This is a three pieces set, made of techlite diamond nylon. The construction is rugged. The packing tube is pretty lightweight. Being covered by a lifetime warranty this provides a confidence of quality product to its  customers. The construction used the premium YKK zippers with pull cords, to make the opening and closing. There you will find some low-end packing cubes, they don’t have fully finished interior. Sometimes that causes damage to some delicate fabrics.  But the smooth finish of this packing cube assures added protection to the fabric you are carrying with. If you are looking for something of this dimension and this size, this medium packing cube will be the best option, the best packing cube you can purchase.

Highlighted Features:

  • Techlite Diamond Nylon
  • Covered with lifetime warranty
  • Include premium YKK zippers with corded pulls for strength and easier opening
  • Utilized highest construction standards
  • Fully finished interior for durability and enhanced protection to delicate fabrics

   Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set

This packing cube is really thin and light, yet very durable. They don’t add any extra weight to the luggage. Super-thin nylon construction has made it very durable. This is the same fabric we see in lightweight tents. They are water resistant and stain resistant. The backpack or the luggage could get wet, but the content will be dry. This packing cube features a zipper all the way around. This provides added safety to your clothes from cockroaches or bedbugs. You can even wash this in a washing machine. To make your traveling and packing much easier, you can purchase this packing cube. Is there any flaw? Yes, there is, but not with the product. We found some negative feedback from some of the clients. They are unhappy with the quality control and the after sale service. Other than this, this is one of the best packing cubes you can purchase at this price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features compressed zippers for more space savings
  • Great for clothing
  • Ultra lightweight silnylon ripstop for content visibility
  • Quick grab handle
  • Water-resistant and anti-staining property

Shacke Pak – 4 Set Packing Cubes – Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag

This is foldable packing cube set, includes 4 packing cube. Durable construction of high quality nylon materials assures longevity. You can wash in cold water, but dry cleaning or bleaching will be risky. It features zipper closure. The overall building quality of the packing cubes and the zipper is impressive. Despite very strong construction, this packing cube is very lightweight.  You can carry any items in it. The double stitching and impressive internal finishing offer great strength and extra protection to the items you carry. The look is another impression. This packing cube is water resistant and withstand wears and tears for a longer life. If you ask for any drawbacks, there is nothing major at the time of purchasing. But after a few months of usage, the fabric seems to be stretching a little too far. Other than this, we did not find any problem. Some users complained about the after sale service of the manufacturer.  This is extremely popular and one of the best packing cubes of its category.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality water resistant nylon materials construction to withstand the wear and tear
  • 4 packing cubes in a set
  • Zipper closure
  • Double stitching for enhanced strength

Bago Packing Cubes

It is very important to have the packing cube very lightweight so that that does not any extra weight to the luggage. Those who have been traveling by airlines must know how crucial the weight issue is. This one is a very strong but light packing cube. It offers protection to your clothes and other items from being damaged while traveling. The whole set contains four packing cubes of 2 different sizes. They protect your clothes from stain, wrinkles and other damages. The zipper is there for added protection. You can unpack your stuff very easily. This is a smart purchase for them who are looking for the best packing cube in a budget.

Highlighted Features:

  • A set of 4 pieces, 2 medium and 2 large
  • Zipper closure
  • Protect clothes from stain, wrinkle and damage while traveling
  • Very lightweight, does not add any extra weight to your luggage

TravelWise Packing Cube System – Durable 5 Piece Weekender+ Set

This is something great for the long weekend getaway. 5 pieces packing cube of this set makes sure that the clothes and other items you are carrying with are organized properly. This will be a great help to avoid over-packing. Lightweight durable nylon construction is very strong and can serve for a long time. The open mesh panel increases the visibility and helps you to locate the item you need pretty easily.  There are some other great features and those have made this model one of the best packing cubes in the market. The stitching looks great. Near two zippers there are extra clothes to prevent any clothes or other items to get caught.

We tried and then we found that it is tough to find even a very small weakness in this set of packing cube. This is really a good purchase for anyone. One issue that we think they could improve is the color options. There should be more color options. overall the packing cube is a very good one with proper construction and other features. This is definitely one of the best packing cubes in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality nylon fabric construction for extra durability
  • Open mesh design increases visibility and makes it easy to locate items
  • Features zipper closure
  • A set of 5 packing cubes, 2 large, 2 medium and a small one

PRO Packing Cubes Travel Packing Organizers & Compression Pouches for Luggage

This is another very lightweight solution for your traveling packing problems and one of the best packing cubes you can purchase. The ultra lightweight nylon construction is very durable and this is why the manufacturer stands for the quality and offers a lifetime guarantee.  This is a great set of four different sizes packing cubes and thereby an ultimate packing solution. The zippers are very strong and protect the items inside. You can easily see through the packing cubes with the mesh panel that is there so that you can locate any item inside very easily. There is extra clothing with the zippers so that no item gets caught by the zipper and thus gets damaged.

This is extremely popular among the travelers. We looked for the customer’s reviews and very few customers were unhappy with the products. This is really surprising, but it gives a clear message that you can purchase the packing cube for complete satisfaction.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique ultra light-weight rip-stop nylon construction
  • Features zipper closure
  • See through mesh panel allows you to locate the item inside very easily
  • A set of four different sizes packing cubes
  • Offers lifetime guarantee

Dot&Dot Small Packing Cubes for Travel – 4 Piece Luggage Accessories Organizers

This Dot&Dot Medium Packing Cubes for Travel is a great solution for a family. The nylon construction has made it durable. The inner finishing is an impressive feature; it is designed to keep the fabrics safe from any damage while in the packing cube. There is a see through mesh panel so that you can locate the items inside very easily. The zipper has extra borders so that no items get caught by them. You can easily clean the packing cube by hand in cold water. Bleaching or dry cleaning could damage the product. This is very popular packing cube. The quality of the zippers is pretty good, but they could be better. Other than this we did not find any notable flaw that can break the deal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable nylon construction for longer life
  • A set of four pieces packing cubes of the same size makes a perfect family solution
  • Great looking packing cubes available in different colors
  • Very lightweight and does not add any significant weight to the luggage

HiDay 7 Set Packing Cube – 3 Travel Cubes + 3 Pouches + 1 Shoe Bag

This is probably the best looking packing cube we reviewed yet. And of course, this is one of the best packing  cubes considering the overall performance. This comes in a set of 7 pieces. There you will have 3 packing cubes of three different sizes, 3 compression pouches and 1 shoe bag. The main construction has a further polyester coating to make it even more durable and water-proof. The breathable mesh design makes the inside visible so that you can find the items very easily. The zipper is of premium quality and the inside part of the zipper has extra clothing to save your items from getting caught. Another very impressive feature is the price. The price is really affordable and you will get the great value for the money you are spending.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality thick polyester fabric construction for durable and water-proof packing cube
  • The set contains three packing cubes, 3 compression pouches and a shoe bag
  • Breathable mesh design makes the inside visible
  • Various cute elegant patterns for attractive look


Final Word :

As you have come at this point of this article, let’s assume that you are interested about a packing cube.

You just try to imagine a life without a packing cube, the clothing gets more wrinkled, the toiletries would spill out, and the items would be more difficult to organize.

And if you have packing cube, the problems are solved.

The price of a packing cube is not much. If you are buying a packing cube for the first time, you should be careful about getting the best packing cubes for you. The research may take a bit of time, but it is important and you will not regret.

Happy shopping!

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