5 Best Concealed Carry Backpack Reviews 2021

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

backpackContrary to everyday necessities, there are times when people who aren’t in the law enforcement need to carry weapons.

Be it for sports or hunting, carrying arms openly is alarming to civilians everywhere.

That is why concealed carry backpacks are the way to go!

They are perfect for people who want to carry their weapons in a hidden way without causing anyone to freak out. And surprisingly, these are designed for multiple purposes alongside being used for the safety of weapons.

That is why we will review our pick for the top 5 best concealed carry backpacks along with discussing why you need it, and things to consider when buying one.

Because of the popularity of the product, you will come across countless options. And as tempting as it may be, not all of them will be a good investment despite their uniqueness.


Our 5 Best Concealed Carry Backpack Reviews

It is not an easy job finding the best CCW backpack in the market with only one look at the product. And due to countless options and clever marketing schemes, we fall in a dilemma on what features we need and what sellers want us to think we need.

Well, we have accumulated a list based on our own research. Take a look!

Backpack Size (H*W*D) Editor's score Price
Tactical Tailor Sling Bag 17"x 9"x8"
Vertx EDC Commuter Bag 18"x13"x6"
Tactical Sling Bag Pack 14"x12"x7"
3V Gear Posse Sling Pack 11"x8"x5"
Tru-Spec Circadian Backpack 19"x 12"x10"

Tactical Tailor Concealed Carry Backpack

This concealed carry bag by Tactical Tailors is mainly a low-profile backpack and has a rather casual design. With carefully constructed shoulder straps and a padded mesh back, this sling bag is very comfortable to use. There are three compartments with more room than it might seem like from the outside.

Not only that, one of the three compartments are sort of like a concealed carry compartment; a feature that most buyers appreciate the most. Although the size of the bag goes in the cons list, this product gives off more of a sporty vibe and does not scream CCW backpack from any angle.

It is perfect for EDC and can also be considered as a concealed carry laptop bag. It is also fully ambidextrous, and the front pocket contains a removable organizer. This is on the expensive end of the spectrum.

But this doesn’t seem to bother most buyers. Most of the users of this conceal carry sling backpack are a little hesitant about the price. But at the end of the day, they admitted that they would buy it again as it has good nylon construction, and is made with thick material.

Overall, considering its ability tailored to the buyer’s needs, it is worth every penny.


  • Carefully designed
  • Lots of room
  • Good for EDC
  • Comfortable padding


  • Small size
  • Not enough compartments
  • Poor zipper pulls

Vertx EDC Commuter Bag

This CCW backpack from Vertx is fully made of nylon and has a fashionable one strap setting. It has the best zippers and straps. With YKK zippers and very thick harm resistant nylon material, this sling bag seems to be at the top of its game.

Not only that, the one strap, better known as the orbital strap, is designed to make it easier for buyers to take things out, without having to remove it from their shoulders. Even children know how convenient this feature is!

It has four large zip pockets which give buyers the chance to keep necessary things close by. But it gets better as we dig in. Vertx EDC Commuter Bag, Smoke Grey, One Size

The front pocket has a zippered flap and a Molle panel. It also has buckles that are useful for when one needs to carry a helmet or a jacket. The next compartment is very roomy, and can contain everyday gear like earphones, gloves, phone, etc.

The third pocket has two Velcro pockets which are something most of them do not have. Lastly, the back end of it has a hook and buckles to keep your CCW items. It can also be used to hold your laptop/tablet. The design and quality of the material makes this concealed carry bag a safe bet for weapon owners.

But then again, as some buyers had complaints about poorly woven compartments, there are concerns of the bag tearing if you carry heavy items. Some have also doubted about the Vertx EDC. In short, it is a great fit for weapon owners but is slightly overpriced.


  • Fully harm-resistant nylon material
  • Casual yet fashionable
  • Compartments are easily accessible
  • Lots of room


  • Too much weight on one shoulder
  • Poorly stitched
  • Overpriced

Tactical Sling Back Pack with USA Flag

The Tactical Sling Back Pack is comparatively shorter in height but wider than others on this list. The size of it is 14 inches in height, 7 inches in depth, and 12 inches in width.

This also has a one strap design and two tiny pockets on both sides. With Velcro in the concealed back compartment, this is popular among buyers as it works very well as a tactical assault bag with enough space for keeping around 1 or 2 handguns.

Along with that, the shoulder strap which is a one shoulder design is adjustable, and works well with the waist strap that is included for more comfortable use. It stands out as it has a stylish USA flag patch at the top right. The zippers are great on this tactical sling backpack, and it also has a hydration compartment. Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack Molle Assault Range Bag Everyday Carry Bag Day Pack with Tactical USA Flag Patch

Under $50, this carry concealed sling bag has more advantages than most other back packs in the market. Although a fairly cheap option, it pretty much serves the purpose for a CCW backpack as well as stylish hiking/regular use.

Because it is comfortable to use and convenient for almost any occasion, this seems to be popular among weapon owners. Considering the price, this is a good choice for anyone who needs the product that can serve multiple purposes.


  • One shoulder strap setting
  • Wide with large compartments
  • Y-Strap over the frontal portion of the bag
  • Good quality zippers
  • Fairly cheap


  • Small in height compared to others
  • Too much weight on one shoulder because of the one shoulder strap setting

3V Gear Posse Tactical Sling Pack

The 3V Gear Posse is a great option for buyers who want to carry their weapons in a multifunctional concealed back pack. It is one of the best CCW bags that currently exists in the market. Its front side has a small compartment at the top and a large compartment at the bottom.

Considering the ideal size of others, this backpack is not exactly big. But it is fairly small to a considerable extent. In general, it is large enough to serve its purpose but may not be large enough to carry everyday essentials along with weapons.

Despite this disadvantage, the 3V Gear is capable of having Molle pouches added to it in case needed. Not only that, it is made with weather resistant, long-lasting material that can survive most wear and tear it might face. 3V Gear Posse EDC Sling Pack - Coyote Tan

The thick padded back makes carrying heavy items very comfortable. But at the end of the day, this concealed bag serves its purpose more than anything. The 3V Gear has two conceal carry pockets – one at the back portion of the back pack while the other is sort of a hidden pocket behind another pocket.

The overall setting of the concealed pockets, and the thoughtful design is highly impressive and makes it worth buying.

Being under $50, this is the best choice if you are looking to buy something light weighted and for everyday use. This small backpack can store essentials like phone, wallet, gloves, etc. It is worth buying considering the low price.


  • One shoulder along with a waist strap setting for comfort
  • Back panel padding
  • Cleverly designed conceal pockets
  • Very affordable


  • Low quality zippers
  • Small compared to regular backpacks

Tru-Spec Circadian Backpack

As the last pick, we have a CCW bag that is the most customizable out of the others on this list. First of all, it is made using 100% nylon and has an exterior back compartment for a small handgun. This makes the weapon easily accessible for any sort of danger that you might face.

This is also larger in length, and has compartments that have partitions within them for the organization of essential materials in the bag. There are exterior straps for any extra added pouches a buyer might want to put on. Not only that, it has removable shoulder and sternum straps that give it an A+ in customization.

It also gives buyers the freedom to use the backpack in whatever way they feel the most comfortable along with keeping the option of altering anything they want at any point of usage.

Like that wasn’t enough, the Tru Spec Circadian is also heavily padded, making it not only a great fit to conceal weapons, but also very comfortable to carry. It also has a bottom compartment with a comfortable-to-use and easily accessible zipper. This lets you keep essentials like your keys and wallets in that compartment.

This backpack with handgun compartment falls under the medium price spectrum, making it sort of expensive. Although the fact that it is customizable and easily accessible is a point to be considered.

The price might make many rather hesitant while coming across this carry conceal bag. However, considering the size, comfort as well as comparing the accessibility, compartments, and concealing capability of the bag with more expensive products, the Circadian seems to be a great option.


  • Easily accessible compartments
  • Large in size
  • Prioritizes organization of essentials
  • Very customizable


  • Might seem smaller in reality
  • Zippers are poorly made


Why You Need to Use a Concealed Carry Backpack

Because anyone carrying a weapon is alarming to the general public, a concealed carry backpack is necessary when carrying hunting or sports weapons.

concealed backpack

Concealed backpacks not only provide the option for carrying weapons in a hidden way, but it also lets buyers keep their guns safe in one compartment when they are carrying other essentials along.

In other words, a CCW backpack is a perfect way to move your weapon without startling the people around you along with keeping it safe from being stolen.

 What to Look for When Buying a Concealed Carry Backpack

When going shopping for a CCW backpack, picking the best one might seem hard as there is so much to choose from, and they all seem to have unique features.

But it is important to consider a few things before buying.

  • Comfort

Although the main purpose is to conceal your firearm, it is important to carefully inspect whether the backpack is comfortable.

Usually, buyers use these products when they are traveling to hunt. Based on that, it is easy to assume the buyer would have to be comfortable with whatever they are carrying.Sling Bag Pack

But it is important to remember and find proper ways of carrying the bag on your shoulder to check whether the bag is right for you or not.

  • Ease of Use

In this case, carrying it without any weight will not be a good way to identify whether it is a good fit. So, you should always look for the paddings on the shoulder strap along with any other belt that might be available to give you full comfort.

After that, check how accessible your firearm is while you have the CCW bag on your shoulder.

  • Accessibility

Since you’ll be spending a lot of money behind a concealed carry bag, you should consider getting a bag which has the option of accessibility for your weapons.

Also, look for a bag with larger but divided compartments so you can keep your things organized. Usually, buyers do not only carry guns in their travel buddy.

  • Compartments

While some carry only required essentials, many carry several things at once. Considering that, it is good to invest in a backpack with several compartments, or extra pouches that can be strapped in later.

However, it is very important to remember that the purpose of this bag is, after all, to conceal your weapons.


Final Thoughts

Although the best concealed carry backpacks are often expensive, they are a good investment for weapon owners. Concealed bags are great not only for hiding your weapons from civilians, but also for keeping it safe and away from potential crimes.

But that isn’t all that counts. These bags make your guns easily accessible for any danger you might face. And as much as you might understand the importance of a CCW backpack, it is still your decision to pick a good one for yourself.

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