What Are the Best Backpacks for Homeless or Hitchhikers?

Last Updated on April 10, 2021

best Hitchhikers backpackAre you a travel freak who goes out just on a sudden thought for hitchhiking to get some adventurous rides?

Or did you get a notice to leave your rented house all of a sudden?

Whether you are a hitchhiker or a homeless or both at the same time, the very first thing you will need before you go out in the wild or street is a comfortable, durable, and lightweight backpack.

Finding such one isn’t that easy, so here we offer you a review on  best hitchhiking backpack to make your task a lot easier.

When life throws you the unexpected reality, make it an adventurous journey.

3 Best Hitchhiking Backpacks Review

When you are a hitchhiker or homeless, you only care about things to carry, which are needed for your basic survival. These 3 backpacks offer you the best of the feature at a cheap price range.

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Who would go for a pricy backpack when you can have almost the same kind of features in a cheaper alternative? Say ‘hello’ to this travel partner from Teton Sports, which proves ‘cheap’ doesn’t always mean questionable quality.

Scout 3400 is a unisex, internal frame, hydration balanced backpack that offers you multiple necessary features that you require as a hitchhiker. This pack comes with an integrated rain cover, sleeping bag compartment, adjustable torso length, compression straps, internal, external pockets, and much more.

This versatile backpack is ideal for young and adults as it weighs just 2 kg, giving you 55 liter of capacity to store your stuff with ease. The internal frame works as a perfect solution for those who need a sturdy, large backpack even when the budget is tight.

Coming with 600D diamond ripstop material, it has excellent waterproof, elastic, and breathable properties that make it a durable and comfortable pack.

As a hitchhiker or homeless, one of the most important things you care about is how to sleep in the wild without being wet during rough weather. Thanks to its sleeping bag compartment and integrated water-resistant cover features that keep your pack safe and dry and offer you stress less sleep out in nature.

Due to its adjustable torso feature, people of different heights can use it pretty easily, one size that fits all. Depending on your height and stuff load, you can also adjust the pack using the shoulder, chest, waist, and hip straps for a steady walk.

The padded back panel is systemized in a way that ensures optimal airflow. If you sweat a lot, then the breathable hip padding feature is also there to save your day. The more you sweat, the more you need water to be hydrated. Thanks to its hydration bladder feature that provides you 3L of water storing capacity as well.


  • Integrated water-resistant rainfly
  • Sleeping bag compartment
  • Adjustable torso and compression straps
  • Durable enough


  • Bit heavier compared to size
  • It’s tough to get back the internal frame bars in

Amazon Basics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Are you more concerned about your backpack’s storage capacity? If yes, and you need to pack more home stuff before you leave the house for an adventurous journey, then get introduced with our second pick from Amazon Basics.

This internal frame backpack comes with a 65L storage capacity, which is the ideal size for camping and hiking outside.

Talking about the build quality, it’s made of strong, durable polyester material that you can rely on for a long-lasting company. Don’t let the rainwater stop you from hitchhiking. With its rainfly coating and water-resistant cover feature, you can keep your pack dry and save your essential goods from being wet and damaged.

This backpack from Amazon Basics is designed in a way that it fits most body sizes. To provide you with ultimate comfort, it has a fully adjustable torso, waist belt, shoulder straps. It also features molded channels and an open-cell lumber pad that offers increased airflow and lower back support.

To make your packing much easier, it comes with extensive storage compartments, a large sleeping bag compartment, internal-external pockets, and compression straps from multiple directions.

Extensive storage pockets will help you store items in an organized manner, so it’s easy to find your stuff whenever you want. Multi-directional compression straps allow you to hold the gear securely. With the help of its sleeping bag compartment, you can easily carry your resting kit comfortably anywhere.

If you are looking for a backpack, which is less than 100$, yet offering you all the basics to advanced features, then Amazon Basics is what you should go for. Whether you are hitchhiking or spending your homeless period of life, this backpack can get your job done easily until you are blessed with a safe shelter.

All these above features make this one a great value for money.


  • Bigger storage capacity
  • Rainfly coating, water-resistant
  • Comfortable fit for most body sizes
  • Larger sleeping bag compartment


  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Heavy loads loosen shoulder straps

Aveler 50Liters Unisex Nylon Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Do you worry much about the weight of heavier backpacks? Then you can consider this lightweight, unisex, internal frame backpack from Aveler for its ultimate comfort. Whether you are going out for hiking, camping, hitchhiking or spending your homeless period of life, this gear is almost perfect for all the above situations.

This multipurpose backpack comes with 50L of capacity, providing you enough space for any kind of trip packing. To make it durable and lightweight at the same time, manufacturers have included water-resistant nylon fabric as its build material.

To keep your gear safe and dry, the bottom pocket is equipped with a water-resistant coating and top-class Vis rain cover. Just because it’s lighter than the other ones, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have enough space to carry your essential stuff. There are extensive front and side pockets for your electronic gadgets, tools, cards, etc.

The main compartment is designed with elastic drawstrings for bigger space expansion so that you can use it to store a laptop, hydration bladder, and much more. There are 4 more compartments along with 2 mesh bottle pouches and 2 waist straps for your comfort and easy adjustability.

In order to bind your belongings such as sleeping bags, hammocks, tent, alpenstock, etc. there are adjustable compression straps available from multiple directions. With the help of mesh shoulder straps, you can enjoy a well-distributed weight balance, which is steady and centered.

Moreover, due to its breathable back system, it can provide the finest of ventilation while easing your burden on the back. So, you won’t be tired that easily even if you are walking for hours with that classy gear pack on your shoulder.

Aveler 50 liters internal framing backpack is the right deal for those who want a compact, lightweight gear with fair pricing, a well-organized space expansion system, along with durable build quality to keep you company for years.


  • Super lightweight
  • Great price deal
  • Integrated rain cover and coating
  • Well organized expansion system


  • Not suitable for large hike


What to Look for Before You Buy?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it’s not that easy to pick up the right backpack for your exact needs since the market is flooded with options. Before you spend your valuable bucks, here take a look at what you need to look for while going for a backpack as a hitchhiker or homeless.Hitchhikers backpack


When you are out in the wild, you must carry the backpack for hours if you are homeless or looking for hitchhiking. In that case, the most important factor that will seek your concern is comfort. If your gear is not comfortable, rather hurting your back, then it’s not worth buying.

A well-distributed weight balance, padded shoulder straps, padded hip belts, contoured and padded backs are pretty much needed to ensure the overall comfort for your back. So, while buying your gear, check out these options carefully.

Build Material

Would you like to waste money on a backpack that is unable to give you a long-lasting company, especially when every single buck matters a lot? Obviously No! So before you decide to buy one, make sure it has a durable build quality. Diamond ripstop, polyester, and nylon are the best fabric materials in this regard.homeless backpack

But, compared to the other two options, nylon made backpacks are proven to provide a better experience in terms of durability and longevity. In most cases, broken zippers, tears on the shoulder straps are the reasons to throw away a backpack after using it for a few months. So, make sure you observe the sewing and thread material.

And also, don’t forget to carry loads within the limit of its handling capacity.

Storage Capacity

While packing your stuff, if you can’t store your essential items even after trying from different pockets and compartments, then it’s a matter of regret. So, based on your necessary items, you need to pick the right gear that can provide you enough space to store your gadgets, tent, sleeping bag, water, small and big tools, etc.

In our list, we had storage capacity from 50 to 65 liters. Considering all the other factors, don’t forget to choose the pack that is more compatible with your storing needs.

Content Protection

You never know how the weather will be when you go out for adventure under the sky. It can be snowy, super-hot, or rainy like cats and dogs! So, to protect your inside gadgets, outside tent, sleeping bag, and all the other tools, the backpack must come with a protective feature, no matter how the weather will be reacting.best backpack for homeless

Make sure your gear has a water-resistant coating and cover material to keep your belongings safe and dry in all situations. Padded compartments are also useful in this regard; if your one has these, you are lucky, though!


Not every backpack’s size is suitable for people of different heights. For a comfortable journey, gentle look and necessary storage capacity size matter. Consider the torso length and hip size while measuring the right size for you. Right size bag refers to the one that is proportional to the body and fits all your items.

What to Buy When You Are Homeless

When homeless, your chief goal is to survive. For that, you need to spend wisely and cautiously. Here are just some of the possessions homeless people might need to buy.


The first thing you need, when homeless, is to stash your consumables somewhere safe and handy so that you can reach them swiftly. A backpack keeps all of your stuff in one place and in an organized way.

Remember you are living in the streets where it’s every man for themself. Your stuff can easily get stolen. The backpack keeps them safe. With the security of the backpack, you can move from place to place.

There are very cheap backpacks available in general stores. So, they are a must-have in your homeless care kit.


While in the street, you have to live day by day and paycheck to paycheck. You better make sure you get all the strength you need from nutritious foods. However, it’s not always that you are going to have the luxury of time, nor is there an assurance of a constant supply of food.

You are going to need lots of canned food which you can store as a reserve.

Toiletries, Soap, Shampoo, And Grooming Products

As a homeless person, you are going to have to hustle. Search for odd jobs and gigs around the town. It’s the only way you can survive and hope to get home, maybe someday.

To get a job, you have to present yourself satisfactorily. Nobody is going to hire a dirty, unorganized, and smelly guy. Therefore, your homeless care package must include Toiletries, soap, shampoo, and grooming products.

Multiple Sets of Undergarments

It would be best if you had at least a pair of socks and three sets of underwear for both men and women. Make sure these clothes are made of synthetic materials and can dry quickly. While homeless, you cannot spend much time drying your clothes.

The synthetic clothes are resistant to mold and other undesirables. They may not be as comfortable as cotton. But trust us when we say, considering the circumstances, they are your best bet. They will dry quickly and ease you off any hassle.

Hygiene Products

Being a homeless person, the worst thing that can happen to you is falling sick. While sick, nobody is going to care for you. So, you better take care of yourself. After defecation and relieving yourself, you need to have wet wipes and toilet paper.

For women, it’s crucial to have adequate storage of sanitary pads or tampons. Having hand sanitizers is helpful for both genders. Use these products to take care of yourself under challenging circumstances.

We cannot stress this point enough that being homeless, you cannot fall ill. So better take the matter of your hygiene seriously.


Depending on where you are living, you need to have a suitable collection of clothes. You have to be minimalist here. Every piece of garment you own needs to be carried. Therefore, buy new ones when you can afford them and throw the old ones away.

You need to have a dress according to the geographic location. Sweatshirts in the winter will do the job. They will give you enough warmth and comfort to go on about your day. They are cheap too. In warmer conditions, cotton T-shirts are ideal. Don’t forget to have a pair of boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I attach a sleeping bag to my backpack?

You can easily attach your sleeping bag to your backpack by using the given strap buckles. Also, you can do that by using twines. Take 4 separate twine pieces first. Now, tie two of them around the sleeping bag, which will make a loop. Then do the same with the other two and connect these loops to your bag securely.

  1. How do I choose the right size backpack for me?

To choose the right size, you need to consider the torso length and hip size. It also depends on the weight of your items, how much you need to store.

  1. What should I include in my backpack as a homeless?

If you are homeless, you need to pack your most essential items that are necessary to survive outdoors. You can include- dry food, clothes, hygiene items, rain gear, gadgets if you own, socks, water bottle, sleeping bag, first aid kit, identity cards, physical phonebook, and much more according to your needs.

  1. How to make my backpack water-resistant?

To save your backpack from being wet- use the given rain cover, line it with a plastic bag, try to keep your gears in a dry compartment, go for double lining with your sleeping bag.

  1. Which build material is more long-lasting for cheaper range backpacks?

Diamond Ripstop, polyester, and nylon are the best fabric materials for backpacks when it comes to value for money. But, nylon made backpacks are proven to provide a better experience in terms of durability and longevity.

Final Words

A backpack is a friend indeed when it comes to fighting against the harshness of nature. We hope this review about hitchhiking backpack answered all of your inner queries, and now you are ready to spend your money on the right gear. Hope that your homeless life comes to an end soon.

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