5 Best Backpack For Medical School

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

medical school backpackMedical students require to take a lot of stuff with them other than a laptop, tablet, notebooks, etc. everyday items.

Spending a few hours on campus, going to hospitals, and other places also require them to carry a few extra clothes, scrubs, personal care items, day to day necessary supplies, and accessories in a backpack.

That’s why, unlike other college students, their backpacks are pretty much packed all the time.

If you are one of them or your requirements are almost the same, make sure you get the best backpack for medical school to make carrying stuff conveniently in an organized way.

These five backpacks got all the necessary space, organizer, compartment, and pockets to keep your day to day carrying loads well organized.

5 Best Backpack Review

No matter what’s your budget, requirements, and special consideration, you will find the right backpack for your needs among these products.

Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

Being a medical student, you might fully pack your backpack whenever you go for classes. For this reason, a backpack with a large space like this one can be a great deal for you. You can take quite a few tech accessories, laptop, gadgets inside its dedicated tech compartment without putting too much pressure on these items.

In addition to that, there is also a large main compartment to accommodate your aprons, books, notepads, camera, etc. items. Another dedicated organizing compartment is there for keeping your medical supplies and accessories well-organized inside the backpack.

Apart from its huge space and storage-capacity, the backpack is made durably to withstand abuses and punishments. Made of durable waterproof polyester material, you can rely on this high-quality fabric for years or even more than you would expect from a backpack.

The backpack has some quality accessories such as dual metal zippers, dual top handles, reflective strips, and more for your convenience. Its adjustable padded shoulder straps allow you to carry the load with great comfort. If you are going on a tour, you can attach the pack to your suitcase rail as it has a dedicated strap for that.

Some extra features create much appeal among students. With its USB charging and headset hole, you can charge your smartphone or tablet and listen to podcasts, lectures, or even watch videos while on the go. There is also an anti-theft zipper pocket for keeping your wallets and cards in an organized way.

For accessing most commonly and frequently used items such as shades and water bottles, there are dedicated pockets on both sides for this purpose as well.


  • Large main compartments
  • Dedicated tech and accessories space
  • On the go charging and easy headphone access
  • Durably made and waterproof
  • Makes the wearer visible in low lights
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Back mesh isn’t quite breathable
  • Feels heavy when fully packed

Yorepek Extra Large Travel Backpack

Another super spacious backpack with lots of great features without spending much money. All your medical supplies, equipment, and accessories will fit inside the backpack without any issue. Also, you can carry multiple devices, including a large gaming laptop conveniently.

Featuring 20 separate pockets to store small to large items, this one can be the best backpack for medical school for you. With this backpack, you will never run out of space whatsoever. There are also side pockets for water bottles and carrying smaller items such as umbrellas.

To accommodate your stuff, it comes with three main compartments that are very large to store your medical supplies, devices, clothes, accessories, and lots of other items. There are hidden pockets to keep your precious items well secured. If you own a huge gaming laptop, you can put the machine inside it without any struggle.

This multipurpose backpack allows you to carry it for indoor and outdoor activities without any compromise when it comes to storage. Whether you are going for traveling, school, college, campaign, hiking, overnight trip, and even meeting, you will don’t need another backpack at all.

The manufacturer used durable, high-quality material to craft this 45 liters backpack. Its high-grade density nylon lining makes the pack pretty much tear and wear-resistant.

Like most modern backpacks, this one also allows you to connect your power bank through a USB cable to charge your smart devices on the go. Also, you can plug in headphones while moving.

The backpack has breathable mesh shoulder straps with a sponge pad to provide you comfort while carrying even when it’s fully packed. You will not feel stress on your shoulders while carrying even when it’s fully packed. Also, its back is designed for good ventilation, allowing air convection for your comfortability.


  • Impressively spacious backpack
  • Made of durable material
  • Three large compartments with lots of pockets
  • USB charging and headphone hole
  • Comfortable on shoulders and back


  • Not water-resistant as advertised
  • Zippers aren’t of good quality

Under Armour Hustle 3.0 Backpack

The brand Armour Hustle has a good reputation for manufacturing high-quality sports accessories for both men and women. This backpack isn’t an exception to their excellent craftsmanship.

Durable, water-resistant fabric, huge sized main compartment, enough space for a 15 inches laptop, comfortable straps; you cannot ask more for a backpack at this price tag.

Even though this backpack’s capacity isn’t much, you shouldn’t face any issue while packing all your medical supplies, accessories, and devices before you leave home for college. The backpack got a very trendy design that suits pretty much anywhere you go wearing it.

There is enough space in the main compartment to carry most of your day to day needs. Also, the laptop sleeve can hold a 15 inches large laptop without any issue. In addition, the front bottom pocket is for the items that you don’t want to keep in the main compartment; it can even store your shoes or similar items.

Apart from large pockets and compartments, the backpack also has two side pockets for carrying your hydration packs as well as the most commonly used items that you need to access quickly.

As far as the durability is concerned, Under Armour used quality materials to make this backpack. Pockets, zippers, liners, etc. feels well-made and durable.

The backpack feels much comfortable to carry on shoulders. Its padded shoulder straps don’t stress the shoulders, and the back is breathable enough not to make you feel uncomfortable while wearing it. You can adjust the straps according to your comfort and body shape.


  • Large enough while not being bulky
  • Made of durable fabric and accessories
  • Separate laptop sleeve
  • Comfortable padded straps
  • Side and bottom pockets
  • Considerably lightweight


  • Doesn’t expand much
  • Not ties on zippers

Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

Design-wise, the backpack got a modern appearance that easily goes with all situations, be it college, work, meeting, and travel. If you want a roomy yet minimalist designed backpack with some fancy features, this can be an ideal deal to consider.

Made of durable fine twill and PVC polyester fabric, the backpack’s overall construction is pretty solid. Due to its PVC fabric, you can rest assured about its water-resistant properties. Also, the fabric can withstand abuses and tough conditions without much struggle.

Inside the main compartment, there are separate sleeves for laptop, tablet, smartphone, wallet, pens, and other accessories and gadgets. A hidden pocket is also there to keep your secret items or papers without being noticed by anyone.

Separate sleeves allow you to keep important medical reports as well as documents inside it without worrying about the papers being damaged. Yet, there will be much space left for your clothes, medical supplies, and other items.

You can open the main pocket up to 90 degrees if you need to find anything important or show what’s inside the backpack in airport security checking. The zippers are easy to open without any struggle.

For your convenience, the manufacturer made the backpack keeping the theft issue in mind. It’s designed in a way that hides the zippers inside the bag. So, all your belongings will be much safer inside this backpack. An external USB charging cable is also there to charge your devices on the go using a power bank.

If you regularly have to commute during the nights, the reflective stripe on the front will make you visible in low lights.


  • Durable, water-resistant fabric
  • Great minimalistic design
  • Separate rooms for better organizing
  • USB charging and anti-theft system
  • Less stressful shoulder straps and breathable back


  • Small capacity
  • Hard to clean

Ronyes Unisex College Bag

Last but not least, this unisex backpack from Ronyes can get you some deep impressions no matter where you go carrying it on the shoulders. Space, functionality, durability, and other aspects of this college bag make it an ideal day to day commuting or traveling companion for you.

Made of durable, high-quality material, the backpack is waterproof. Thus, you can even carry the bag even when it’s raining outside. It will protect everything inside the zipper.

Talking about its capacity, the backpack features one large main compartment, which is spacious enough for carrying all your stuff, including medical supplies, accessories, books, notepads, clothes, gadgets, etc. without any issue. There is also a dedicated sleeve for a large laptop for convenience.

Apart from that, this unisex college bag offers a front bottom zipper, a middle zipper, and two side pockets so that you don’t run out of space whether you are going to the college, hospital, meeting, or even traveling and campaigning.

Even if you fully pack the bag, its padded shoulder straps will not stress your shoulders. Also, these straps are adjustable so you can get a perfect and comfortable fit.

As an extra feature, you can conveniently charge your smartphone using its built-in charging cable. For the price you have to pay for this backpack, it’s worth considering the deal for both men and women.


  • Made of durable waterproof material
  • Separate compartment for laptop
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Multiple small compartments for keeping smaller items
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps


  • Side pockets are small
  • Straps are small for large an individual


What to Look for Before Buying

To make the right decision, it would be better if you consider some key factors of the best backpack for medical school, and then search for the right one. I have shortlisted some key features that distinguish good backpacks from conventional ones.

Size and Space

Looking for a medical backpack means you would carry some extra stuff that typical students don’t carry with themselves. Apart from a laptop, tablet, books, and notepads, the backpack should have small compartments for small medical supplies, surgery boxes, and other relevant items.

If carrying a laptop is something you do every day, make sure the dedicated laptop carrying compartment or sleeve fits your laptop size well. Most backpacks will easily fit a 14-15 inches laptop. If you own a gaming machine, make sure the sleeve is spacious enough for a 17 inches bulky laptop.student with backpack

Also, if you prefer taking a lunch box or other food items, make sure there is a dedicated compartment for carrying such items. You should be able to quickly access your most frequently used items without making a mess inside the backpack.

Some bags don’t have side pockets or include a couple of small side pockets, which might be an issue if you carry a medium or large-sized water bottle or hydration pack. So, be sure to check the side pockets as well.

Durability and Quality Accessories

Most people buy a backpack expecting it to last several years; I hope your intention is the same. Backpacks are mostly made of polyester and nylon fabrics, as these are durable and water-resistant at the same time.

Buying a water-resistant backpack is a must, whether you like it or not. You never know when you have to be in a situation where it rains or snow or has to do anything with water exposure. If you plan to take the same backpack for traveling, camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities, you have no other option.

The overall stitches and liners should be crafted durably as these are the main areas where wear and tear come first due to loads or abuses. Also, zippers, chains, and other accessories of the backpack should be made of quality materials. Don’t just fall for the look and space; consider the overall quality of the backpack as well.


If the backpack gives your shoulders stress, you will not be able to carry it for a long time, even when it’s not fully packed. A good quality backpack will always feel comfortable to carry whether you wear it or carry with your hands.

To make sure the comfortability isn’t compromised, always look for a backpack with well-padded foam shoulder straps, breathable mesh back, and other ergonomic factors. If the backpack has a top handle, it should be padded too so that your hand doesn’t feel uncomfortable, and you don’t need to switch between hands.

Adjustability is another factor to look for. The shoulder straps should be adjustable so that you find the perfect fit according to your body shape. Whether the backpack is fully packed or not, make sure it fits tightly when you wear it. This will allow you to carry the backpack on shoulders for a long time without having any difficulties.

Extra Features

Backpacks come with a whole bunch of extra fancy features to add convenience in your day to day commuting needs. Having a built-in USB charging cable allows you to connect the smartphone or tablet to a power bank, so you can continue using the device while charging it.

You can also put the smartphone inside the backpack and listen to podcasts and audiobooks through a headphone jack if the backpack comes with a hole for a headphone.

Some backpacks also come with anti-theft locking systems that will make stealing difficult for the thief.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How big of a backpack do you need for med school?

There is no straight answer to this question as different med students have different requirements.

However, to make sure you can carry all necessary stuff inside the backpack, including medical supplies, accessories, laptop, notepad, a few books, clothes, and quite a few surgical boxes, get a backpack that offers at least 30 liters of capacity.

Also, make sure there are organizers inside the main compartment or other pockets so that you can carry smaller medical items and supplies without making a mess.

  1. Is it better to have a backpack or handbag for school?

If you carry quite a few lightweight items and don’t stress your shoulder, you can get a handbag for a convenient and trendy experience.

However, when you need to carry your accessories, supplies, devices, and other items, you must go for a backpack. It’s better for your physical well-being as weight is properly distributed in these backpacks.

  1. What kind of backpacks do college students use?

When the purpose is only to carry a laptop, tablet, a few books and notepads, and smaller items, you can get a lightweight backpack less than 30 liters of capacity.

If you plan to use the same backpack for hiking, camping, traveling, consider a larger capacity backpack for convenience.

  1. How long should a backpack last?

A good quality backpack should last about 4 to 5 years, depending on the quality of the material and usage. Some backpacks can even last for half a decade if you don’t abuse much.

  1. What capacity of backpack do I need for a 17 inches laptop?

As 17 inches laptops are quite large, a backpack with 40 liters capacity will be able to carry it with care. Some long shaped 30 liters models can also be an ideal consideration.

Final Words

Unlike other college students, medical students would always require a backpack that they can rely on regarding carrying all the stuff they need throughout the day.

When you are on the campus, visit hospitals, attend meetings or group discussions, pick up groceries on the way back home, the best backpack for medical school would be much convenient for you. Make sure you don’t run out of space and need to carry another backpack that can create a lot of hassle throughout the day.

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