7 Best Backpack For Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain 2021

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

Laptop Backpack,Swissdigital Busniess Travel Polyester Backpack with USB Charging Port and RFID Protection Fits Under 15-Inch Laptop and Notebook for Man, Black If you’re a student, a backpack commuter, a hiker or anyone who uses backpacks, you have the idea of how backpacks can be a miserable thing to use for a long time.

Backpacks are usually heavy and put a lot of load on your spines.

As a result, you get fatigued so quickly.

However, some good packs on the market will not only make it easy for you to carry but also help you get rid of the back pain.

To know more about the best backpack for back pain, have a look at our review of 7 top backpacks in the market.

List of 7 Best Backpack for Back,Shoulder & Neck Pain

  1. JanSport Odyssey Backpack – Best for Comfort
  2. Vaschy Vintage Leather Backpack – Best for Low Budget
  3. Uoobag Tigernu Series Business Laptop Backpack – Best Ergonomic Backpack
  4. Tigernu Slim Padded Ergonomic Computer Bag – Best for Business
  5. Osprey Packs Jet 12 Kid’s Hiking Backpack – Best for Kid
  6. Osprey Packs Farpoint 55 Men’s Travel Backpack – Best for Travel
  7. The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack – Best for Adventure

Quick Comparison

Backpack Capacity Material Weight
JanSport Odyssey 39 L durable fabric 1.3 kg
Vaschy Vintage Leather 20 L cotton canvas 1.22kg
Uoobag Tigernu Series 22 L Nylon 2.10 lbs
Tigernu Slim Ergonomic 24 l oxford 1.8 lbs
Osprey Packs Jet 12 kids 12 L Nylon 0.825 lbs
Osprey Packs Farpoint 55 55 L 210D Nylon Ripstop 3.9 lbs
The Friendly Swede Waterproof 33.6 L 500D PVC Tarpaulin 2.2 lbs

Review of Our Favorite Backpack For Back Pain

There are a few hundreds of backpack models in the market. A small number of them is made to be ergonomic, and from that list, we have picked out the ones that provide high quality at a reasonable price.

JanSport Odyssey Backpack (Best for Comfort )

First in our list is this Backpack from JanSport. This is one of the few backpacks with ample room for everything you need while traveling and still has a longer lifetime than you could expect.

To Describe the features of this backpack; there are a few exceptional qualities of this bag that make itself a distinguishable item amongst the ones from the competitors.

Firstly, it comes with lots of pockets. You have a pocket for almost anything you need. Laptop, Tablet, Phone, power adapter – anything you can think of, this bag a has a pocket for that.

Then the most attracting part is the outer side. The fabric is durable and stylish. The matte black color along with zippers and straps give the bag a premium look. It’s neither too flashy nor it looks dull, the appearance is perfect for any situation.

A common complain backpack users give is that they lack in comfort. But Jansport provided padded waistband, shoulder straps, and chest straps. All these make the bag comfortable to carry for a long time. JanSport Odyssey Backpack Black

One exciting thing about the padding is they are air permeable. Usually, the foam gets warmer from the body heat, and it stays that way, but with this pack, there’s no chance of that as the heat will dissipate in the air and keep your temperature fresh.

The last important thing to note that this bag is not waterproof. It is, however, little bit water repellant that will save you from drizzle but not in times of heavy rainfall.


  • 17-inch laptop room
  • Very large size
  • Top class design
  • Very Comfortable


  • Not Waterproof
  • All inner pockets don’t have zippers
  • Making materials are not up to the mark

Vaschy Vintage Leather Backpack (Best for Low Budget)

On to the second, we have a casual leather pack from Vaschy. This one is made from casual leather and looks simple yet fashionable. It has 20 liters of room to house your books, laptops with still having the good looks.

The most Appealing thing about this backpack is that it has a magnetic front leather flap which can be closed with a pair of leather belts. The weak side is there’s no locking mechanism, so you have to have the bag on the watch.

On the inside, there is a laptop compartment and two large pockets. The large main pocket has a zipper around it and water bottle on the side. Furthermore, the main pocket zipper can be concealed under the fabric which makes the bag a little more secure. Vaschy Vintage Leather Backpack for Women and Men Canvas Ergonomic Rucksack Bookbag Daypack fits 15.6 inch Laptop

The laptop compartment can house up to a 15-inch sized laptop. And the other bag dimensions are satisfactory. And still, this pack weighs only 1.22 kilograms. It’s an ideal bag for school or college going students.

This vintage pack could be a great companion to your schooling, traveling, or any trips. The cowhide leather keeps the marks and shades from your uses, so you genuinely get a companion that holds the memories on it.


  • Good quality leather
  • Standard look under a budget
  • Velcro laptop sleeve
  • Sturdy build


  • Not waterproof
  • Not very comfortable

Tigernu Anti theft laptop backpack for business (Best Ergonomic Backpack)

The name says it’s anti-theft. And, this one is a multipurpose backpack with higher levels of security. A perfect item for businessmen, women or school going students.

The most notable feature of the backpack is that it houses one laptop compartment and one tablet compartment and besides also lots of space with these two pockets. The bag is slim and mostly targeted towards keeping books or business gadgets.

It is made With ergonomics in mind. Shoulder elastic straps are padded and allow air permeability to keep the heat away. There’s also an adjustable belt that can help fix the tightness on your back. Uoobag Tigernu Series Business Laptop Backpack Slim Anti Theft Travel Computer Backpacks Environmentally Waterproof Laptops Bag For Men/Women 15.6Inch Black

Unlike other bags that have less number of rooms and get messy, this bag has separate rooms for all your necessities. You won’t have to keep digging in to find your stuff because you will know where the pockets are.

The outer fabric comes in 5 colors and styles. It is waterproof and made out of tear resistance textured nylon. The material is easily wipeable in case of dirt buildup. The fabric is also anti-scratch; all these features make the bag great for any rough use.


  • Zippers are good; pockets are sewn well
  • 9 zippered pockets
  • Good value compared to budget
  • Gorgeous color
  • Rugged backstraps


  • Uneven bottom – unstable bag
  • Not enough hang loops

Tigernu USB Laptop Backpack for Business (Best for Business)

This is the second laptop backpack from Tigernu in our review. It is also a multipurpose one with a USB port — a great companion for business, school or just for carrying laptops and gadgets.

The essential traits of the backpack are that it has a laptop pocket and two other pockets to keep books, clothes or necessary items. The bag is slim and mostly targeted towards keeping books or business gadgets.

As for the build quality of this backpack, it is pretty well. It is ergonomic and has shoulder rubber straps with padding and allows air permeability to keep your body temperature low. There’s also an adjustable chest belt to tighten on your spine.

The fabric is waterproof and made of textured no tear nylon. The fabric can be wiped easily. It is also a scratch proof, durable and non-toxic eco-friendly material. The nylon fibers are very lightweight yet super durable. Tigernu Slim Padded Ergonomic Computer Bag Laptop Bag Backpack for Laptops and Notebooks up to 15.6 Inch School Secure Gray Backpack for Men Women Valentines Gift(Light Grey)

However, the differing factor of this from the other Tigernu bag in our list is that this one has way lots of pockets. Nearly every gadget you can think of has its compartment. Be it mobile, tablet, laptop, power bank – each of them has a room.


  • Great money value
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Convenient to carry with trolley strap
  • Secure coded lock for zippers


  • Uneven bottom – unstable bag

Osprey Packs 12 Kid’s Backpack (Best for Kid)

The Osprey Packs 12 kids backpack can be stated as one of the best beginner-friendly bags for kids in the market. It’s decently sized yet easy for small kids to carry as well.

A significant factor that determines if a pack is good for kids s the way it allows to distribute packing load. Packs built for adults put pressure all around the spine and shoulder, but in case of kids, this design might do some severe damage to kids.

Upper body strength in kids is not as much as adults. Their bones are not thick & the bag should be designed so that it puts pressure on the hips which is the denser bone and not around the shoulder or spine, this is what osprey have achieved. Osprey Youth Jet 12 Backpack, Real Teal, One Size

The External fiber of this bag is made of Nylon, and it’s very light. There is a nice pocket for keeping bottles, and several inside compartments are there to keep your hiking gears.

Although the name says it’s a kids backpack, anyone can use it. Especially, it can be a good choice for beginner hikers. However, as the pack is targeted towards kids, the capacity is scanty. It’s recommended to carry up to 1.5 liters.


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Proper weight distribution
  • Both side water pouch
  • Comes in good colors


  • Somewhat narrow sized, not good for carrying bigger items.
  • Bit expensive for children bags

Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack (Best for Travel)

Osprey Farpoint 55 is the best companion for long travels. This pack has a large capacity, and you can also add many other items with it by hooking to increase the load. It can carry them all.

The Back comes in two solid colors; jasper red, and volcanic grey. The low profile colors combined with the lightweight nylon synthetic fabric have made this backpack very big yet easy to carry anywhere you go.

Its most exciting feature is on the inside. There is a light with a frame that distributes the weight evenly around the hip belt. Just like the other osprey pack in our list, this one is also designed the way large backpacks should be created. Osprey Packs Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

The bag comes with a stowaway daypack that you can unplug when not needed and can also fit your chest if you like. This allows the bag to have a slim profile. The unisex back panel and the hip belt can be stowed inside as well.

There is a lack of stability in big backpacks like this, but osprey designed this with dual front compression straps. The compression belts will hold the bag tightly, and if you also use the hip straps, you have total stability even with higher loads.


  • Very high-quality build
  • Lightweight fabric and structure.
  • Fabric doesn’t scuff, stays neat and clean all the time
  • Detachable daypacks
  • Large compartments


  • Water pockets are not stretchy
  • The frame is a bit large
  • Zip cover is hard to stow

The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack (Best for Adventure)

On to the last item in our review and this is a backpack that is different from the rest of our list. It’s made out of industrial grade tarpaulin and is one of the toughest all weather packs available in the market.

To describe the friendly swede waterproof backpack, this is one of the best combinations of functionality, design and optimal ergonomics. The bag weighs a measly 2.2 lbs and holds up to 33.6 liters and has up to 70 lbs load capacity.

Its fabric material is heavy duty tarpaulin of 500d PVC. More so, it’s double stitched to last long. The waterproof cover is made of reflective material to help you increase visibility at night time. The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag 33L with Laptop Pocket, Roll Top Seal, Ergonomic Hiking Rucksack - Heavy Duty 500D PVC

On top of the bag, there’s a roll-top closure. The bag achieves the highest levels of waterproofing. Keep in mind that although it is waterproof, you should not put it in total submission as it’s not designed to handle that well.

Overall, the backpack is very comfortable to carry with you anywhere. It is spacious so you can put all your stuff inside on the go.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Durable for a long time
  • Great value for the price
  • The build materials are made out of heavy duty plastic and metal
  • Made thick and strong


  • New ones have a chemical smell, but it goes away quickly
  • The straps can rip if comes in contact with sharp objects
  • Inside pocket threadings are weak
  • Adjustment straps are wiggly


Why Some Backpack May Cause Pain?

Backpacks are an incredible solution to transport your essentials, but what happens when they become more of a problem rather than a solution?

Different studies over the years have taken place to figure out the number of injuries that are caused by backpacks. The results are alarming.

A particularly disturbing input was from Dr. Cindy Gellner, a certified physician in pediatrics. Dr. Gellner mentions that each year, almost 14,000 children require attention after suffering injuries backpack-related.

It certainly is an issue that needs addressing. That’s why we focused on the common reasons why some backpacks are responsible for back pains, and what to do to avoid them.


  • Improper Content Organization

If you’ve been looking or bought a backpack recently, you probably found out plenty of ergonomic products designed to give you the best experience possible.

Well, some back injuries also come from not having a suitable backpack to store the things you’ll need for the day. When that happens, there’s no other choice but to toss everything inside, causing the weight to shift to the bottom of the backpack which puts more stress over your shoulders.

To avoid those issues, make sure to get a backpack with the proper compartments to keep your items, tools, and devices. Some brands offer more than ten exclusive compartments! Including one for the laptop, electronic devices, and more.

Using them correctly and organizing everything inside makes everything easier by distributing the content’s weight.

  • Excessive Weight Beyond Limit

One of the reasons why a backpack causes injuries is because people put too much weight in it, sometimes more than recommended.Overloading Backpack

People often consider there are certain items they can’t leave behind, but there’s a limit to what you should put in it. The backpack might be able to withstand the weight and keep things together, sure, but your back will suffer the consequences eventually.

Keeping the backpack lightweight is one of the smartest decisions you can make. There’s no need to force your back carrying stuff that you’re not even going to need in the first place.

  • Using Only One Shoulder

It is safe to say that the majority of people have carried their backpacks using one shoulder at least one time. Whether it is unconsciously or because people want to look cool, using one shoulder to hold the weight of the backpack, even if it is low, is not recommended for people of any age.

Also, it creates unnecessary additional problems while your body is trying to compensate and keep up with the uneven weight you’re putting on yourself.

This issue causes the spine to lean towards the opposite side taking a toll on your middle back, the ribs, and the lower part of your body, focusing on one side instead of the entirety of your back.

Muscle imbalance is an issue capable of producing muscle strains, spasm, and back pains, too.backpack in one shoulder

Carrying the backpack with the correct pose and using both shoulders to take care of the weight equally, are necessary actions to ensure your body doesn’t suffer from back pains that you could avoid altogether.

  • Lack of the Required Strength

If you’re going to pile a massive amount of items inside the backpack, you better be strong enough to carry it.

Most of the times, back pains are caused by backpacks because the children are not strong enough to endure all the weight over their shoulders. It is understandable, though. They’re in the process of growing, and it is the father’s or tutor’s responsibility to know when it is enough.

For adults, it is quite similar. Many people consider that they can put up with it, but sooner realize that’s not the case.


Back pains are a serious issue that, sadly, most people don’t consider how dangerous they are. If you live a life abusing what your shoulders and body can endure, there will be nothing but pain once you’ve grown an old age.

What Features to Look For Before Buying a Backpack for Backpain?

Back pain is an unfortunate and regular issue that most people face while performing certain activities. It can be quite annoying because it limits the possibilities of what you can do.

Also, it is more of an issue in the modern era where you have to carry tools and items around, from the house to the office, and vice versa.

Fortunately, there are incredible backpacks to help you carry your items without suffering or producing intense back pains.

Today, we’ll be going through the essential characteristics you must look for in a backpack to reduce back pain and make your life easier.

  • Ergonomic Design – Comfort First

Back pain is capable of ruining the best days for anyone, but there are different methods to keep them in check.

Backpacks, for instance, must be designed to be a comfortable support transportation method for every type of person, even for those who don’t suffer physical pain. Large Laptop Backpack, TSA Friendly Durable Computer Backpack with USB Port for Men and Women, Extra Big Fashion College School Bookbag Water Resistant Unisex Business Travel Bag Fits 17 Inch Laptop

How do manufacturers achieve that? It is possible because of the ergonomic design that the best-quality backpacks have. They feature the S-Shaped padded shoulder straps, as well as the padding back build.

This combination of features makes it possible for adventurers to adjust the shoulder straps without getting too tight, or feeling uncomfortable against the body.

  • Quality Construction Materials

A backpack often is synonymous of adventures.

While it is not always the case, most of the audience targeted are people who need a proper and effective method to carry their things during outdoor activities.

Regardless of how you decide to use it, a backpack should always feature the most durable materials for their manufacturing process.

From the highly elastic sponge and breathable fabric to the durable texture capable of resisting water and scratches; it should always keep your items safe under different circumstances.

Nylon fabric is one of the most popular materials for backpacks. It may have its disadvantages, but nobody can deny the protection it provides against water.

You also want to keep an eye out for shock protection. Back pain can happen any time at the least expected moments, and there’s a slight chance you will have to stop for a second and put down the backpack.

In those situations, to maintain the integrity of every item inside if you drop the backpack, a shock protective design comes in very handy as well.

  • Organizing Compartments

It might not seem like a big deal, but having your tools organized in the backpack is way much better than tossing them inside.

Throwing the items in the backpack without any organization makes their weight accumulate at the bottom of it. For people with back pain issues, that is not ideal at all.

Instead, you must look for a backpack that offers suitable compartments for your tools. There are brands like the Kopack Backpacks that feature up to 17 slots! That’s right. If you enjoy keeping your items and tools with you every day, a high amount of slots will give you all the space you need.

Placing tools like the laptop in the proper slot compartment distributes its weight around the shoulder straps, making it easier to carry them without uncomfortable pain issues.

Besides, isn’t it better to have your stuff neatly organized, instead of having to dig at the bottom of the backpack to find them?

  • Safety Measures

The purpose of the backpack is to carry your items from different locations, but many issues could come up along your way. Theft, accidents, and other unpleasant scenarios are something you must consider to guard the integrity of everything you’re storing in the backpack. Backpack,Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port with Double Padded Compartments Fit 15.6inch Laptops and 13.3inch iPad Tablet Water Repellent Shockproof Business School College Daypack Grey

Fortunately, many backpacks provide safety measures to protect your items.

If you use electronic devices regularly and carry them around, make sure to get a backpack with a convenient hidden compartment for those expensive devices that you don’t want to lose.

As an example, you have backpacks with zippers that can be locked in certain positions to store your laptops. This hidden compartment is an easy-to-access area without having to take out all of your other items in the public eye.


If you suffer from back pains, don’t let it keep you from enjoying life the best you can. Look for a backpack with the features listed above, and you will see the improvement in little to no time.

Carrying your items was never as comfortable as it will be once you have the best backpack for neck pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an ergonomic backpack?

Ergonomics is a scientific term that means designing product while keeping in mind about human health factors. Ergonomically engineered products maximize productivity and reduce fatigue or discomfort.

Ergonomic backpacks are specially designed to keep you comfortable as well as providing efficiency while you carry your items. These bags reduce pressure on your neck, have padded straps and is constructed evenly, so it has well-balanced weight.

  1. Are backpacks better for your back?

Yes, using a backpack instead of shoulder bags or other kinds of bag is a better idea. If we carry in one side, this might cause higher muscle growth on one hand, neck tightness or shoulder ache. You also lose balance with them.

But backpacks are constructed in a way that it’s evenly weighted and because of the padded straps, it distributes its weight evenly on all over your shoulders. Unlike a one-sided bag, a backpack has better balance as it evenly distributes the load on both sides.

  1. Can carrying a heavy backpack hurt your back?

Yes, it can hurt your back.

Although backpacks are better in general if you carry heavy loads, it can cause your spine to lean back while you are trying to lean forward to keep the posture. The pressure from two sides compresses your spine and may cause hip/back pain.

  1. Does wearing a backpack help posture?

It can help posture if you carry a load that is not too heavy for you. If you carry an even load and the weight is distributed as well, it is good for your posture. But you have to keep in mind that you should not lean backward as it can cause issues.

Some people also like to use chest weights to help balance the posture on both sides of the spine. You can also try that.

  1. Where should a backpack sit on your back?

A backpack should optimally sit 2 inches below your shoulders and go not less than 2 inches above your hips.

If there is a chest strap, adjust to having it 1 inch below your collarbone. On that position, it will not reduce your arm movement and still be not too loose.

  1. How many liters should a school backpack be?

Usually, school backpacks that are 20-24 liters in capacity are more than enough for almost any use. For young children, you don’t need this amount of size, and you should instead try to focus on sturdy ones.


After going through our list of best backpacks for back pain, I hope you have some ideas to save your back with your backpack. But you should also keep in mind that using a good pack is only one part.

You should take care of your spine in all the ways possible. And stay safe while carrying heavy packs as the increased loads can quickly do big damage that you don’t want to happen.

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