5 Best Backpacks Similar To Herschel Supply Co For Travel And Adventure

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

herschel backpackOwning a backpack is slowly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

We have come to rely on backpacks for many purposes. Be it for schools or adventures, our first choice will be a backpack.

Their design and storage capabilities make them a top choice for travelers. Its shape makes is ideal because it can be stored anywhere on a bus or airplane.

Herschel is the most well-known brand of backpacks. In case, this brand isn’t easily available in your area and you’re looking for backpacks like Herschel, you’re reading the right article!

I will equip you with enough knowledge about backpack brands like Herschel so that you can make the right decision.

List of 5 Backpack Similar to Herschel Supply Co

  • Vaschy Backpack
  • KAVU Camp Sherman
  • JanSport Hatchet
  • Filson Backpack
  • Timbuk2 Sunset Pack
Backpack Product Dimensions Editor's score Price
Vaschy Backpack 12.8 x 7 x 18 inch
KAVU Camp Sherman 22 x 16 x 4 inch
JanSport Hatchet 8 x 18 x 12 inch
Filson Backpack 17.4 x 19 x 2.7 inch
Timbuk2 Sunset Pack 13 x 15 x 20.5 inch

Brands Like Herschel Supply Co

Herschel Supply Co is a Canadian brand that has become a global sensation for their hip backpacks. Let us look at brands like Herschel to get a broader knowledge about other good brands.

  • Filson

If you’re one who is looking for an alternative to Herschel backpack which will enhance your look with the ‘heritage vibe’ that is so common with Herschel backpacks, then Filson will be a classic choice. This brand provides backpacks suited for a range of activities and areas. Their Day Pack is efficient for schoolkids.

  • Jansport

Backpacks are usually made of polyester and nylon; polyester being the cheaper option. Herschel backpacks are made of nylon, whereas Jansport backpacks are made of polyester. Hence, Jansport is the cheaper option if you’re looking for backpacks like Herschel but just in a more lower price range.

  • Kamp NYC Backpacks

Herschel backpacks are known for their elegant yet practical design. Kamp NYC  is your best bet for Herschel look alike backpacks. This brand provides you with a backpack which has all the essential compartments that you need for the minimalist in you. They are ideal for office work and also for day trips.

  • Vaschy

Vaschy is slowly climbing up the popularity ladder and when you see one in front of you, you’ll understand why. They have the capacity of becoming a kids’ favorite because their design is quite similar to Herschel and more economical. Vaschy is a good choice for everyday backpack users.

  • Topo Designs

Topo Designs is from Colorado. Their backpacks are ideal for the outdoorsy types. The company designs and manufactures the perfect outdoor and elegantly sleek backpacks. It is true that they give more attention to adventurers over office employees, customers still get a high-quality design from their products.

Backpacks Like Herschel

Although Herschel is a brand preferred globally by kids and adults alike, there are a few Herschel competitors which you can check out in the event that you wish to try a different brand.

Vaschy School Backpack for Men and Women

Vaschy designs and manufactures bags for the outdoorsy people. They ensure excellent quality backpacks coupled with modern sleek designs. This product by Vaschy is no different and it gives you a light yet sturdy backpack in a hassle-free design.

This casual and lightweight backpack is made of polyester. Now, polyester is a topnotch waterproof material that makes this bag ideal for all weathers. When you have many things to carry, a heavy bag can make things more difficult, and so the fact that it weighs 0.72 kg is another reason for you to get it.

I must highlight that this bag is very easy on your back. It is designed to minimize discomfort. The shoulder straps of this bag are dual padded as well as adjustable. The backside is padded fully for your comfort. For people with back problems, this is definitely a plus. Vaschy School Backpack for Men and Women Casual Lightweight Camping Rucksack Bookbag with15.6in Laptop Sleeve Black

The word ‘laptop’ in the name might make you think you can carry only laptops in this bag, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you can carry other things as well. There are small pockets on the inside of this backpack which you can utilize to carry pens, wallet and sunglasses.

Storage is very convenient for this bag since it comes attached to a strong hook. You would not require a different space for keeping this bag, you can just keep it mounted on a hook to your wall. If you’re thinking ‘where would I store my water bottle and umbrella?’ then think no more, because it has pockets on the side.


  • Water resistant due to Polyester material
  • Is able to hold many items in its numerous interior pockets
  • Padded and adjustable straps
  • Has a little pocket inside that is zipped


  • Water bottle pocket has been reported to be small
  • The laptop compartment is not padded on the back or bottom

KAVU Adult Camp Sherman Backpack

When I think of a brand that is dedicated to the outdoor sports and adventures body, mind and soul – Kavu True Outdoor Wear is the one that comes to mind. Kavu designs the ultimate backpacks for adventurous individuals. Every pocket or compartment is designed to provide great storage for everything you need to carry.

Storage is something that you do not have to worry about at all if you buy the Camp Sherman backpack. There are two side pockets with zippers for you to store your chargers or headphones. A great thing about it, that its features are designed to give you comfort.

The shoulder straps are padded as well as modeled to provide ease. It also has a chest strap and so it sits snug with your body. There is a zipper compartment placed at the rear of the bag that you can use while you’re on the go without having to take the bag off.

Kavu Adult Camp Sherman Backpack is durable and capable of taking on your every adventure. It is made of 600D polyester as its material with travel guard. Along with its numerous pockets for multipurpose, the main storage space comes with a cord-lock hook, a flap cover on top, and a big pocket on the inside.

Camp Sherman will endow more than enough space for you to go camping, hunting or any other outdoor adventure that you may wish to embark upon. You do not have to leave your laptop behind on these excursions as you can easily fit it inside this amazing backpack.


  • Durable 600D polyester material
  • Compartments for multipurpose
  • The back panel is designed with an air mesh
  • Natural leather used for straps and other details
  • Velcro pouch on the front
  • Pockets of all sizes for different items


  • No water bottle holder

JanSport Hatchet Backpack

Adventurous people opt for JanSport backpack because they manufacture bags that boast sports and efficiency. It has many compartments but that does not hamper its appearance but rather the design has been kept clean and sleek. The bag is squared out at the bottom which is good because rounded bags make laptop protrude out.

This bag is good looking and caters to many functionalities. The lining inside the back is vibrant which makes it easy to find equipment stored inside. The pockets inside are made of mesh and so you do not need to open every single pocket to find what you’re looking for, you can see right through the gaps.

There are pouches with elastic tops to hold your water bottles. You can store a cold one and a hot one because there are two. There is no fear of your bottles falling off if you’re tackling a steep incline because there is a strap above the pouch to hold these bottles in place. JanSport Hatchet Backpack - Field Tan/Muted Green

JanSport Hatchet Backpack ensures comfort and ease of use for its user. It comes wrapped in many features that resulted in it being convenient for outdoor use. The back side is padded top to bottom and fits restfully on your back along with straps that are ‘s’ shaped to sit snug with your body.

To ensure comfort and safety while carrying heavy stuff, the bag has been equipped with a sternum strap. Not only can you carry gear for your activity, but there are also pockets for you to place your electronic gadgets such as your phones, chargers, headphones.


  • Pockets for multipurpose
  • Protects against rain for water-resistant material
  • Fashionable design
  • Comfortable straps with padding
  • Spacious enough for a laptop and other gadgets/gear


  • Main compartment zipper may not be user-friendly
  • Fake leather used for external details

Filson Unisex Ranger Backpack

Filson began its journey with the goal of producing durable products for individuals using them in tough conditions. Although durability came first and looks came later, Filson has begun manufacturing that serves both these purposes. Adventurists and city folks alike can rely on their backpack for good use.

Filson has designed this unisex backpack influenced by vintage forestry pack. It is a Rugged Twill backpack that will not disappoint for its daily users. Its design is such that it is efficient for use in the woods and elegant for use in the city streets. There is a handle on the top you can use if you do not wish to take it on your back.

To ensure safety for your valuables when you’re on the go, the flap at the top can be buckled shut. This ranger backpack is equipped with adjustable leather straps that you can measure to fit your own comfort. You’ll enjoy the shoulder straps because they are padded and do not put a strain on your shoulders. Filson Men's Ranger Backpack, Otter Green, One Size

The back of the bag is also padded to ease the pressure on your back. A small back comes as a gift attached to the front which you can utilize for multiple things. It has a zip for easy access while moving. You can stow important things in this pouch to get it out easily without actually having to take the back off.

You will love the drawcord in the main compartment. This drawcord resembling the top of a skirt allows you to store as much stuff as you want without straining the top. Your content will remain safe inside because it is interlined with cotton.


  • Cotton lined interior
  • Contains division inside the compartment for different items
  • Well-padded to provide comfort
  • Can be used for outdoor sports or travel


  • Shoulder straps have been reported to come loose often

Timbuk2 Sunset Pack

Back-to-school shopping is a big deal for kids. A stylish, neat yet functional backpack is almost always on the list. There’s a lot to carry; books, water bottles, and sometimes even laptop so a durable bag that can take the weight is a must. Herein, Timbuk2 Sunset Pack is an ideal choice for school going youngsters.

Timbuk2’s goal with this bag is to go casual. Use it regularly for school or on weekends when you hang out with your friends. These are times when you prioritize functionality as well as good looks and comfort. What makes this bag durable is that its material is plush and soft nylon.

The handle at the top and the shoulder straps are all cotton padded for extra comfort in case you have to carry the backpack for long periods. Details on the bag are made of genuine leather which make it look as well as feel good to lug around. The waxy canvas is smooth and feels really good to the touch.

There are various pockets incorporated for carrying all sorts of items. Side pockets are a must for school kids to carry little things and this bag has that. It is also attached with magnet closures for easy and quick access. The pocket on the front has a zip to keep things in place.

If you open the flap, you’ll find beautifully patterned covers attached. The top of the bag folds on to the side to hold water bottles straight so that they don’t spill.


  • Comes attached with a key keeper
  • High-quality liner and fabric surface finish
  • Looks nice
  • Features magnet closures


  • The leather flap does not open swiftly


Final Words

In this article, I have discussed backpacks like Herschel so that you can look into other bags. I’m sure my recommendations will help find the right one. Nevertheless, let me know which alternative you have liked most.

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