Backpacking With Your Dogs | 7 Tips for Beginner

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

A few days to the wildlife and adventure is the very desire of everyone who’re tired of hectic urban lives. But many of us are also there, who can’t think of a week out of home leaving their beloved pet home alone. So, as you can see, it’s a dilemma of interests.

What you can do is, you can take your pet pup with you in the backpacking or any other outdoor activities like hunting or fishing. But for that, you need to know some real expert advice. Because it’s not easy to meet both ends of enjoying the hiking and also maintaining your pet at a time.

backpacking with dogs

Worry not, this article I’m writing today, is all about that. In here, we’re going to demonstrate some researched out tips that helps you to enjoy a full-form hiking with your pet just beside you.

Hang on tight; we’re heading to the core of the article-

7 Tips for Backpacking with Your Dog Beside You

  1. Provide Your Dog a Proper Endurance Training 

    If you’re thinking of taking your dog to camping in high hills and terrains, it’s a must that your dog is properly trained on endurance. You have to be the trainer in this case.

    You can start with small and short-term hour-long hiking near home to get the dog used to the environment. Later on, move forward to uneven terrains. Gradually, your dog can toughen its paws and do a cardio workout itself.

  2. Be Sure About the Destination

    It’s good to see that you’re interested in taking your dog to an exhausting backpacking. But before you become so sure, you have to know that the place you’re aiming at, also has the federal permission to camp with dogs. Because most of the national parks don’t allow you to take pet animals like dogs in backpacking. backpacking with dogs

  3. Prepare The Dog with Backpack

    It’s quite funny to have a backpack for the dog as well. But it needs one. The accessories like the toys, water, the belt and others are the items that are supposed to be put inside it. But before you prepare it finally, make sure it were the right fit, descent in weight and loaded evenly. Otherwise, it can be a hindrance to your loved pet.

  4. Don’t Forget the Vaccination and Preventive Medicines

    Your dog is used to be around you, your house and the surroundings nearby. But when you’re up to backpacking with the dog, everything changes. It’s a new environment, new temper and overall, new experience.

    So, before you leave home, make sure you’ve done enough preparation for the dog to be nice and sound on the campsite. If you’re worried yet, talk to your pet doctor and make sure he’s got all the necessary preventive medicines and vaccination.

  5. Is Your Dog of The Perfect Age

    A pet owner knows that the immune system(which is very important in terms health) is an important factor for whatever it does all the day around. But while it comes and hiking on trail, it comes a more serious matter of concern. Talk to the pet physician of locality and make sure your dog has the right immune system to go to a backpacking, which you are planning already.

  1. Bone Your Dog Up for Obedience and Etiquette Training

    You’re planning on keeping the dog on a leash all time. But trust me, my friend, that’s not enough to let your dog run as per your wish. There are some more works to do.

    As an example, in terrains and hills where we do backpacking, there are tracks created by riders, horses, and bikes. And as a backpacker, you should follow that. With proper training and schedule, make sure that your dog also does whatever you indicate them to do.

  2. Keep some Dog Gear with You

    As for us human, dogs also are in need of some gears to make them comfortable on camping sites and terrains. Here is the list-

    The First Aid Kit- It’s an obvious tool to keep with, no matter you’re up to a one-day family picking or a week-long backpacking. The good news is, many organizations like Red Cross already provide such a ready-made first aid box for pet animals.

    Dog towel- After you’ll be down to the camp after a hectic ride, both of you and dog need to keep yourself clean. You have no worries because you know how to do that to yourself. But think about the paws of the dog after miles of walks through the muddy land. So, to clean them off, keep a towel with you.

The Bottom Line

It’s double the fun when you have the beloved pet by you on an outdoor excursion. But in exchange for this short excitement, make sure you aren’t doing any harm to the dog. Because a slight lacking of safety and training can lead your pup to accidents.

If you want to know more about your pet dog you can check out this blog and here you can find reviews, guide and everything related to your furry friends.

So, stay safe and chill!

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