How To Use A Backpack With USB Charging Port?

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

backpack with usb chargingAre you tired of carrying a bulky power bank in one hand, which will be charging an electronic device in your other hand?

Is it frustrating that your video camera, phone, laptop, or electronic device is dying off when you are on a trip?

Now, if your answer to any one of these questions is a yes, then you need a backpack with USB charging.

However, there is a chance that your backpack is not charging because of a loose connection or any other reason.

Therefore, you must know how to use a backpack with USB charging port to obtain the best results from them.

And that is the purpose of our article!

Here you will find all the necessary information regarding the topic, including which backpacks are the best for the purpose, how to choose the most promising one, and several other helpful information.

So, stay tuned!

How to Use a Backpack with USB Charging Port

To get the best out of your backpack (with a charging port), it is necessary that you strictly follow these steps.

Step-1 (You Need a Form of Power Source)

Generally, there are two kinds of backpacks, Smart backpacks (the ones that come with a built-in battery) and the other one is a simple backpack with a charging port.

Now, it depends entirely upon you on which one you choose. However, if you want a simple backpack with a charging port, then one thing you would need is a sort of power bank or a battery pack.

You see, these battery packs are going to power your electronic devices such as laptops, phones, etc. And you have to purchase them separately.

Furthermore, one advantage of the simple backpacks is that you get to choose the power bank, which means you can lean towards a power source that is well suited for you.

Step-2 (Having the Ideal Power Supply)

Having a power bank, portable power supply, or a battery pack that can provide an adequate amount of voltage to charge all your electronic devices is an essential part of ensuring that the backpack is giving you the best results. And this depends entirely upon yourself.

So, the power outputted by the power source is something that you decide. Hence, if you are planning to use a power supply that can charge your laptop or several other things, then you might need a more potent power source.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a supply that is ideal for light-duty tasks like charging your phone, tabs, torchlights, and other small electronics, then you could opt for something that supplies a lesser power.

Step-3 (Locating and Connecting)

By this, we mean that you need to find the USB port to connect the power bank to the bag. And, generally, that is situated inside the small compartment on that side that is facing away from your back. That compartment is chained, and you can effortlessly connect the port to the supply and stash it inside the bag!man with backpack

Once you are done with attaching the USB port with the power supply, there is an integrated cable system of the bag that will let you connect it to the device you are planning on charging.

Are you still confused? Do you notice that rubber insulated contraption on the top corner of the bag? Well, that is it! All you have to do now is connect a USB cable to that port, and you are good to go!

How to Pick the Best USB Charging Port Backpacks?

Here, we’re gonna teach you the factors that will help you to pick the right USB charging port backpacks.

  • Easy Access

Well, imagine you do have a backpack that comes with a charging USB port. However, if the position of the port is so complex that connecting a USB cable to it can be a strenuous task, then that just ruins the entire purpose of owning such a contraption.

So, when purchasing such an item, check if the port location is in a convenient spot or not.

  • Price

Commonly, the average cost of such a backpack is quite affordable and ranges from 50 dollars to up to 100 dollars. But some products could cost you a fortune, and we suggest that you avoid them. In short, we recommend that you make a suitable budget and buy a product that falls within that.

  • Construction

Of course, when you are purchasing such a product, you will need to consider whether it can handle the day-to-day stress from your life. And, you never know when you will be ending up in bad weather, like a rainy day. So, when buying such a product, assure that it is waterproof, robust, and has a long-lasting build.


By now, you must have understood that using a port of such backpacks to charge your electronic device is no rocket science. And, if you are confused regarding how to use a backpack with USB charging port, then just follow all the steps we have stated in our article, and you shall have the most promising outcome.

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