Backpack Vs Messenger Bag | Choose The Best One For You

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

backpack vs messenger bagA backpack is generally considered a practical companion for camping and leisure. Many people also use a backpack to transport their work materials from A to B in their working lives.

If you ask the question “backpack or messenger bag?”, There are some things you should consider. We would like to help you with your decision with our little guide for the topic of backpack vs messenger bag.

Carry a backpack or take a messenger bag?

Because of their cut, professionally branded backpacks are definitely the best way for you to transport heavy and medium-weight things (especially on longer journeys). The sophisticated carrying and strapping systems ensure that the weight is optimally distributed on your two shoulders so that your back is balanced evenly.

Compared to a backpack, a messenger bag has the disadvantage. It usually put loads only one of your backrests on one side. This does not matter whether you can wear the messenger bag only on one shoulder or you can put the messenger bag across the shoulder with a long handle or strap. This may feel comfortable at first. If you regularly carry a shoulder bag with plenty of stuff, the load can permanently lead to postural damage and back problems with your spine.

Pros of Messenger Bag
  • More stylish
  • You can swing it around in front easily
  • Easier access
  • Smart way to carry
  • Perfect for laptop transport
Cons of Messenger Bag
  • You can not take heavy load
  • Can not carry for a long time
  • It puts weight on one shoulder
  • Not durable like backpack
Before choosing a backpack or messenger bag ask yourself the following questions

Do I need to access item quickly ?

Messenger bag hangs by your side. So You will get quick access to all of your stuff. Getting a pen or a ringing cell phone is easy. In backpack it is it’s hard to access your things like a pen or cell phone. But in some backpack, you will get a small pocket in shoulder strap to keep those small items.

How much do I carry ?

Most of the messenger bag can carry as much stuff as a backpack. If you carry heavy item for a long time you can consider a backpack. A backpack can distribute the weight properly across your back but you need to know how to wear a backpack right way. Some backpack like Condor 3 Day Pack has more compartment which makes easy to organize your stuff.

Do I ride bike ?

Backpack are great if you are a biker. Both of your hands remain free with a pack in your back. According to some biker , backpack makes their back sweaty. So you have to choose a backpack that is designed for air flow.

Messenger bag was made for bicycle messenger. You can wear a messenger bag across your body.

How much comfort do I need ?

Backpack are more comfortable than a messenger bag. You can carry a heavy load without any problem. If you are carrying a heavy load, go for a padded strap. As messenger bag puts all of your load on one shoulder, you can not use this bag for a long time.

Pros of Backpack
  • Distribute load evenly across your back
  • You can carry heavy load
  • More versatile
  • Lot of compartment which helps to organize your stuff
  • Perfect for traveling, hiking, and trip to anywhere
  • Comfortable than messenger bag
Cons of Backpack
  • Your back can be sweaty
  • Tend to over pack your stuff
  • Easier to get at for purse snatcher

Messenger bag instead of backpack?

Our conclusion to this comparison would be: If you regularly carry books, a laptop or other heavy objects with you, you should consider backpack. Carrying your personal belongings for travel is more comfortable and also better for your health – with back pain is simply not to joke!

You can use messenger bag rather as a fashion accessory and for carrying small things like a small bottle to drink or some books for your college. With a messenger bag, you have everything quickly in the access. Nowadays there are not only trendy messenger bags, but also trendy backpacks in all colors – so you can combine a backpack with your outfit instead of a shoulder bag. Have fun trying!

By the way – in large human masses, if you have to pay particular attention to your valuables, applies to the shoulder bag as well as the backpack: Carry the bag in front of the belly and protect it with both hands if necessary. Many people feel here with a shoulder bag, whose belt in this situation across the back is the most comfortable.

Did you like this review of Backpack vs messenger bag? We are looking forward to your feedback!

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