Backpack Essentials For College | 23 Items You Should Always Carry In Your Backpack

Last Updated on May 20, 2021

You know what youngsters love to watch over YouTube in recent days?

Well, for me it’s always “what’s in your bag” videos, shared by fashion Gurus.

What about you?

Anyways, if you are a freshman in your college, and you’re kinda insecure about your appearance and feeling puzzled as in what to carry in your backpack then voila!

All you need to do is getting a catchy looking and spacious(not like a tent) backpack with multiple compartments and of course, a single compartment for your laptop for sure.

So! Let’s have chitchat over backpack essentials for college and let your backpack burst into goodies!

23 Items You Should Always Carry In Your Backpack

Wait! If you’re not a student but a college teacher then you should opt for something among the backpack for college teachers.

Anyways, keeping in mind about a standard backpack’s space and compartments, I’ve 23 items listed for you today.

Sounds too much? Trust me, these items worth to be tugged in your backpack. Why?

What’s the rush? Follow them below:

  1. Textbooks

It’s really funny that people suggest a mobile phone or hand sanitizers in the first place? Seriously? You’re going to college, not LUX.

Duh! Therefore, the first thing you need to stuff in your backpack is your textbooks.

Don’t ever forget to carry them, otherwise, the teacher will surely throw the sarcasm line which I mentioned.

  1. Personal Stuffs

No wonder, after textbooks it’s always your personal belongings such as mobile phone, keys, wallet and your student ID and license (if you have any).

  1. Laptop and the Charger

Well, some of my friends say it’s too much to carry a laptop in college, but in reality, my friends happen to have more interest in my laptop instead of me.

Weird, na?

Anyways, it powers up my productivity.

Come on! We all get bored during the break time and tiffin hour. Why not keep a laptop?

Meantime, you can entertain yourself, keep track of your upcoming assignments, make notes and also do your job (if you are a freelancer like me).

  1. Mobile Charger

It happens with almost everyone. You keep your phone at charging but when you’re about to step out, you notice that you didn’t turn on the switch!

Haha, I know right! Anker PowerCore 10000, One of The Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact Portable Charger, High-Speed Charging Technology Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More

To encounter this sorta fuss, you should always carry a mobile charger in your backpack. Thus, you don’t need to ask for it from someone else.

Another thing I would like to say is, try to stick on portable chargers or power banks.

  1. Headphones

If you have any annoying classmate who jibber-jabbers a lot, then a headphone is your savior. If not that, then carrying a headphone can surely help you to get some podcasts, audio lectures, and videos related to your recent project as well. Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II, Black

  1. To-Do-List Planner

A life without a plan is a life with pain. Wow, I just made it up.

Anyways, keeping a planner proves that how much organized you are. Also, you’ll need it every time when there’s any schedule, homework or activity occurs.

  1. An Accessory Pouch

What did I mean by that?

Well, you need to have a small pouch where you can stuff your pen, pencil, erasers, highlighters, extra staples, sticky notes, glue, permanent markers and other stationaries.

Hence, you don’t need to look through each compartment just to find out your pen.

  1. Watch Strip or Fitness Tracker

‘Being on time’ is always attractive to beckon other people. Try to gain regularity by keeping a watch or a fitness tracker where you won’t only track the time but also track your calorie burns.

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  1. Water Bottles or a Cute Juice Jar with Straw

Drinking the proper amount of water not only keeps you hydrated but also saves you from unwanted pimples and hair loss.

That’s why never forget your water bottle to carry in your backpack.

If you feel kinda backdated and uncomfortable to carry a water bottle then buy a flashy juice jar from Walmart, Amazon or any nearby shop! Pogo BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottle with Chug Lid, 32 oz.

  1. Dry Snacks and Mints

I don’t know yours, but I am 24 hours hungry. However, keep some dry snacks like biscuits or dry fruits in case there are any surprise extra classes or just say you are hungry and don’t want to step into the canteen.

Also, keep some mints or gums to prevent smelly mouth.

  1. Chopsticks or Spoon

In case your friend offers you some delicious meal or your college canteen forgets to provide you with a spoon, then having your own chopstick or spoon can be overwhelming.

You’ll always be ready to delight your tummy without getting messy hands.

  1. Study Planner

Keep a notebook or some flashcards where you can write down your study plans. You can also make an excel sheet on the study plan, print it out and just write down the topics.

  1. A Scientific Calculator

Even if you aren’t from a science background, a scientific calculator can do the math for you in a more versatile way. Sometimes, you can look into the history calculations as well. So, try carrying one in your backpack.

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Solar Scientific Calculator

  1. A Tiny Stapler

You’ll always need a stapler during classes. Mostly in exams when you keep shouting to staple your extra sheet with your paper and the teacher seems lazy about it. Relatable?

Therefore, stop relying on someone else. Keep your own stapler always.

  1. Handy Punch Machine

When you are doing some group work for an assignment, a punch machine is always missing. And ironically, you remember of it at the last period when you need to submit it. Thus, tug a handy punch machine in your backpack to avoid such a mess.

  1. Extra Paper or Spare Sheets

Due to excess writing and classwork, you run out of pages sometimes. In such cases, you better be ready with extra paper or spare sheets. Then, you don’t need to annoy your friends for tearing up extra pages.

  1. Extra Money for Emergencies

You should always keep some extra money in the secret compartment. I am sure your backpack has a tiny chained pocket.

Yeah! Keep some extra bucks there, so that you won’t ever run out of money. Or for instance, if you have some demanding friends like me who always want treats out of nowhere then keeping extra bucks can save your life.

  1. Sunglasses

No matter it’s shivering winter or hectic summer rolling, you’ll always need a sunglass to protect yourself from the suntan and annoying sunlight. SUNGAIT Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses UV400 Protection (Gunmetal Frame Gray Lens, 62) Metal Frame 2458 QKH

Also, by wearing sunglasses, you’re gonna look more appealing and sporty. Though you shouldn’t keep it on while raining. Haha!

  1. Emergency Kit or a Handy Pouch

It’s better to be careful always.

Mostly, if you’re a girl then keeping a sanitary napkin for emergencies is the first thing to tug in your emergency kit. However, one-time bandage, mosquito repellent, burner, cotton and pain killers should be carried always by anyone.

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  1. Hand Sanitizer

We all have sticky and dirty hands after a couple of hours in our college. It not only feels uncomfortable but also unhygienic for our health. Mostly when it comes to shaking hands or rubbing your own face.

Hence, it’s really important to have a hand sanitizer in your backpack.

  1. Wet Tissues

You’ll get them in any super malls or drugstore shops. Keeping wet tissues is one of the most important things for superstars or style icons. As they are conscious of their appearance in the first place, we also should!

By keeping wet tissues, you don’t need to sprinkle water all over your face. You can simply wipe your face with it and Tada!

You have a clear and glowy skin just like before when you left home.

  1. Makeup Accessories or Lip Balm

For any girls out there, you never know when a fashion competition or improv pops up. Therefore, always carry your own makeup stuff such as lipstick, face powder, contour, mascara, eyeliner, lotion, perfumes, makeup wipes, hairbands, etc. JACK BLACK - Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 - Green Tea Antioxidants, Long Lasting Treatment, Broad-Spectrum UVA and UVB Protection, Natural Mint & Shea Butter Flavor, 0.25 oz.

Because it’s not only embarrassing but also unhealthy towards your face if you intend to borrow other’s makeup accessories.

On the flip hand, if you are a guy then keeping a lip balm, hair gel, and strong deodorants will be enough to bang on!

  1. Umbrella

I wonder that nobody talks about keeping an umbrella. My father calls it the life savior. So do I.

Never forget to carry a portable umbrella in your backpack. Because you never know when the weather changes.

Whether it’s excessively hot or raining outside, you’ll definitely need an umbrella to combat with such inconveniences.

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Hey! That’s a fin. I hope you have found every single item worthy and useful enough to keep them in your college backpack. Cheerio!

Besides, there will be always something which you’ll need to carry regarding college rules and personal reasons.

Last thing I will say that don’t hinder your time gathering other stuff instead of stuff that relates to your studies.

As I said, remember that you are in college for studies and bound to abide by the college rules.

Best of luck!

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